Review: Smart Men’s Flowers

I’m not bad at buying gifts but there is one big exception to the rule. Flowers. I struggle when there’s too much choice and end up spending ages agonising over what to get. Step forward the husband-and-wife team behind Smart Men’s Flowers who offer a service for the florally challenged like me.

First things first, this website can be used by anyone and isn’t aimed solely at men. It takes its name from its male co-founder’s own experiences. I’m sure that there are plenty of women who have the same problem as I do when buying flowers!

A bouquet of pink and yellow roses.

The website came into being after a proud husband and father of three, Mike, noticed a gap in the market. By his own admission, he struggles to remember important dates. This left him needing to act quickly.

Supermarket flowers felt like an admission of forgetfulness and other online florists had too much choice. Things needed simplifying. The rest, as they say, is history.

A red rose.

Smart Men’s Flowers offers eight bouquets to choose from. There is also a subscription service for those who have trouble remembering dates. This allows you to add a recipient as well as important occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

You can, of course, add a personalised message and the flowers will be delivered for free the next day.

The choices on offer include roses, carnations and lilies. There is a good range of colour too. As well as classic red and white roses, there are some nice mixes including the aptly named Orange Explosion.

A pink rose.

In addition to standard bouquets, there is a letterbox delivery option. As the name suggests, the flowers come in sturdy packaging designed to fit through a standard UK letterbox. A great idea if the recipient is likely to be out.

To try out the service, we received two bouquets. First impressions count for a lot and we weren’t disappointed.

Two boxes from Smart Men's Flowers.

They arrived the day after the order was placed. They were very well packaged too. The boxes are designed to keep the bouquets upright and ventilated. Plastic pots at the bases of the stalks ensured the flowers had the moisture they needed.

Plastic pots at the base of bouquets of flowers.

The flowers had already been hand-arranged so all I needed to do was cut the stalks and place them in a vase with water and the included sachets of plant food. Simple!

I’m obviously no expert, but they look and smell nice. I’m confident that they will stay fresh too. Kate had this to say. “It’s always nice to receive flowers and these really brighten up the room.”

A yellow rose.

All in all, we’re impressed. The website removes the faff from buying flowers and the service has been great. Most importantly, the flowers themselves have raised a smile.

Everything in the Smart Men’s Flowers range costs a competitive ¬£29, but there are plenty of reductions on the site at the moment.

This, of course, is very handy for Valentine’s Day! You will need to place your order by 3pm on Monday, but may want to do so earlier to take advantage of offers on the Smart Men’s Flowers site.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


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