Netflix and pancakes

Two boys stirring a jug of pancake mixture.

Something we have started doing now the boys have slightly longer attention spans is having family film afternoons on Saturdays. A key ingredient of these is a snack of some sort. Ordinarily, we have cake or biscuits but this weekend was different. The team at Netflix sent us everything we needed to enjoy some pancakes. Very kind of them too.

As well as some ready-made pancake mix and decorations, there was a Netflix stencil. The boys donned the Netflix aprons they received last year and we were underway.

The boys enjoyed helping make the mixture and were pretty determined to try cooking them. Given my epic fail on a previous encounter with pancakes and as I’ve also been helping British Red Cross share an important health and safety message, I decided to do this bit myself.

Once the pancakes were cooked and flipped several times – I didn’t need much encouraging, to be fair – it was time to hand over to the boys. They loved decorating them with the Netflix stencil, icing and sprinkles.

After demolishing the pancakes, we watched Fantastic Mr Fox on Netflix. The boys both love Roald Dahl stories and Kate and I have enjoyed every Wes Anderson film we’ve seen to date.

This didn’t disappoint – it was funny, quirky and true to the original book. What’s more, Jarvis Cocker is in it! A strange but pleasing bit of casting. He even gets to do a song.

If you’re on the lookout for something to enjoy with pancakes tonight, new family-friendly content on Netflix also includes Annie and The Furchester Hotel. Thinking about it, the boys’ reaction to the pancakes being ready was very much like that of said hotel’s teatime monsters!

So there you go. You really can have your pancake and eat it. Sorry…

What are you putting on your pancakes tonight and what have you been enjoying on Netflix lately?


  1. Abbie

    Oh I loved fantastic mr fox as a kid! I must introduce it to my daughter. Those Netflix stencils are awesome too!

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