Netflix cheating: are you guilty?

A Valentine's card.

As Kate and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day, I was alarmed when a red, handwritten envelope came through the letterbox this morning. As was she. I was even more alarmed when it appeared to be a Valentine’s card. As was she. And, to employ the rule of three, I was further alarmed still when the illustration was of a realistically-shaped heart. As was she.

Was it from one of my crazy exes? Had someone seen my fleeting appearance on telly recently and decided to stalk me? Thankfully not. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I opened it to discover it was from Netflix.

The purpose was to share a press release about a phenomenon known as Netflix cheating. Nearly half of couples who use the global streaming service have “cheated” on their significant other by watching episodes of favourite shows ahead of them.

Us Brits are among the biggest perpetrators with 81% admitting to having done so more than once. Furthermore, 52% thought that this wasn’t a problem.

The temptation to binge watch has been cited as a key reason for Netflix cheating. 72% of UK viewers admitted to lacking the willpower to wait to watch the next episode of shows like Orange is the New Black.

It gets worse too. A solid 67% admitted that they would Netflix cheat more often if they could get away with it. If caught in the act, 25% said they would confess and 29% would apologise. Elsewhere, 58% felt that it isn’t cheating to carry on watching if their partner nods off.

Men edge the sinning stakes with 53%. And menfolk under the age of 40 are most likely to commit acts of Netflix cheating with a whopping 76% fessing up.

Well what a bunch of sneaky people they are! I’m proud to report that, although I fall into the demographic most likely to offend, I’ve never watched anything without Kate. We always watch shows together. I often fall asleep but don’t mind her completing the episode in question.

So I’m a smug goody two shoes, but what about you? Have you ever sneaked in an extra episode of Breaking Bad while your other half is out? Do any of the findings in the infographic below resonate?

An infographic about Netflix cheating among UK viewers.


  1. Jim Flowers


    I can imagine your heart racing when the card was received and laser beams on your head from your wife too.. 😉

    I have to admit I have been guilt of cheating previously, particularly when I’m working away and the temptation is there to sneak in an extra episode… or two… the only issue is you then have to practice your shocked face when re-watching it again…

    I’m not a serial cheater though, I now have a couple of box sets I watch when Mrs F falls asleep… 🙂

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