Introducing Powershop UK

The Powershop app running on a smartphone.

Something that has been on my to do list for too long is saving money on household bills. Electricity in particular. At the moment, we are with one of the biggest providers but I’m sure we can do better elsewhere. With this in mind, I was interested to hear about Powershop UK recently.

On the back of huge success in New Zealand and Australia, Powershop UK is new to these shores and offers a completely new way of buying electricity. Its aim is to give power to customers in more ways than one.

As well as effectively working like a smart meter, it enables users to pay what they want when they want. It does this via ‘Powerpacks’. There are three types of these: Top Up Packs, Future Packs and Special Packs.

Top Up Packs provide electricity that can be used immediately. Future Packs are for specific times later in the year and Special Packs offer extra discounts. Used together, they help users take control of their energy.

To get a better idea of how it works, I have been trialling a test version of the Powershop UK app this week.

There are three main parts of the app. Namely Balance, Insights and Daily Usage.

‘Balance’ displays how much electricity you’ve used against the amount you have bought for the month in question.

‘Insights’ is a bar graph which shows expenditure over the year, while ‘Daily usage’ breaks this down further in a similar format. Both of these screens also show the cost and energy usage per day.

You can find out how I did in the video below.

I am very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The app is both visual and intuitive. This new way of managing electricity feels like a natural progression too. We already have services like online banking in our pockets, after all.

I particularly like the flexibility that it affords its customers. We’ve all been in the situation where we think our finances are in order only to have a hefty bill arrive at an inopportune time.

This needn’t be an issue with Powershop UK. For example, if you anticipate needing more electricity during a particular month when money is likely to be tighter, you have the option of buying a dedicated Future Pack in advance.

What’s more, Powershop UK currently has an introductory offer for new customers. If you sign up by 31 March you will get £50 off your first three months’ electricity costs.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    As it happens I’ve been reviewing our power usage and Powershop is a supplier I’d consider moving too. I’ve seen the app and the info is really well displaed so you can make decisions about your energy use.

  2. The DADventurer (Dave)

    That looks very cool – as a stats geek, I particularly like the level of analysis you can go into. I don’t really track mine or anything, so this would be a good way to get on top of costs.

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