Amelie values

A happy 14-month-old girl.

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about Amelie, so it’s definitely time for an update. First things first, she’s now at the stage where we don’t know how to refer to her. She’s somewhere between baby and toddler at the moment – she’s been mobile for ages, but still looks like a baby.

So what are her ‘Amelie values’? Sorry, not sorry.

She is showing plenty of personality and her speech now includes a few more clear words. So it won’t be long until she’s a fully fledged toddler.

She could already say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’, ‘cat’, ‘cake’ and ‘yeah’. Her new words include ‘look’, ‘yoghurt’, ‘this’, ‘that’ and, much to my chagrin, ‘Peppa’. For the most part, she communicates by pointing and saying ‘yeah’, but she recently came out with her first very basic sentence:

She has also started making herself useful. Okay, in this first ‘example’ she’s actually hiding one of her dummies. But loading and unloading the washing machine will surely be a natural progression.

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The following picture was taken a couple of weeks later. Once we teach her that only the cutlery goes in the drawer, she’ll be really handy.

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As well as being helpful though, she can be a hindrance. As all children that age can be. Her favourite pastime at the moment is emptying drawers and cupboards until she finds something she shouldn’t have.

More often than not, this is Calpol boxes or yoghurt pots from the recycling box. It is no coincidence that ‘yoghurt’ is one of her first words. She waits for one of us to notice before laughing and running away. Little madam!

It also appears that I hit the nail on the head when I compared her to a Minion a year ago. She absolutely loves them. Anything with an image of one of Gru’s hapless assistants elicits excitable squawking.

One of the questions we had about her is which brother she’s going to take after. And we have an emphatic answer.

She throws herself onto the floor to get a laugh out of us and climbs things without a thought for the potential consequences. She also nicks any items of clothing she can find, puts it over her head and charges around fearlessly.

In addition, her once-brilliant relationship with sleep is a distant memory. We have another Xander on our hands.

So Amelie is a chaos-loving and cheeky little girl who, in the not-too-distant future will have added words to the mix. We’re in trouble.


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