Simples Beta – six months on

The Simples homepage.

I was very impressed by Compare the Market’s new service, Simples Beta, when I was invited to try it out last year. Since then, further tweaks have been made with a view to making it even more straightforward.

If you missed my first post, Simples is a secure and free-to-use portal which has been designed to make insurance easier to understand. It does this via a combination of innovative technology and plain English.

So what has changed? The welcome page and dashboard have both been updated while a short video has been added to help new users get started. In particular, the dashboard notifications are useful. You can now set yourself SMS reminders to renew your insurance. This is a handy addition – we all know how renewal dates can creep up!

The Simples dashboard showing the new alerts.

The policy details page has also been updated. I have to admit that I had a minor gripe with this one. The list of things my insurance doesn’t cover didn’t display. This is a great shame as it was really useful and something that I lauded last time.

I’m reliably informed, though, that this facility has not been removed. If this information had been available in the Defaqto database, it would have displayed.

I was still able to find the relevant information though. A query box under my policy details provided the answers quickly. I only needed to type in key words or phrases instead of full questions.

The results of a query on the Simples policy summary page.

On the whole, the alterations have built upon what was already a helpful website. The SMS chat widget service is currently being redeveloped too, with the changes yet to be rolled out. Again, I was impressed with the initial version of this so I’m sure these will only improve it.

Looking ahead, I would like to see Simples branch out to include other expenses. For example, the facility to manage health and pet insurance would be of benefit to us. It also has the potential to be an excellent one-stop shop for managing bills.

The Simples Beta signup page.

Simples is still in beta, but the Compare the Market team is keen for people to sign up and try it for themselves.

Head over to Simples Beta where you can sign in with your login. You can then add your home, travel and car insurance policies and use the SMS chat widget to speak to and ask questions of them.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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