My TV debut

A screenshot of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2.

Today got off to an unusual start. I had actually slept well. Amelie, who thinks it’s much more fun to keep the same waking hours as most woodland creatures, only had us up once. As a result, I felt shattered.

It’s a strange reaction, I know, but I imagine the body thinks “Yeah, let’s have another eight hours please.” I was suitably off guard, then, when my phone rang. And even more so when I discovered the nature of the call. The Victoria Derbyshire programme seemed to want me on today’s show. I was to make my TV debut on two channels simultaneously!

A screenshot of my TV debut.

A frantic shower and search for vaguely smart clothes ensued. Then I was on my way to my local BBC studio. I would be discussing a new study on work-life balance. Nearly half of the working fathers involved said that they would like less stressful jobs so they could spend more time caring for their children.

Of course, I could relate to this. I was in the same situation around 18 months ago. Fortunately, the leap of faith that I took has worked out and I guess that’s why I was invited to take part. The studio was unnervingly near my old office. Walking straight ahead from the station instead of turning left created a strange combination of feelings. Happiness that things have worked out and the same anxiety I had every morning in my old existence.

Pretty soon afterwards, I found myself alone in a small room with a camera and backdrop. I was sporting an earpiece too. I could hear the broadcast but couldn’t see it. After listening to a report about people who saw fit to vote for Donald Trump, the work-life balance story was on. I was only on for a few minutes and didn’t get the opportunity to say all of the things I’d been thinking about on the way in.

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I looked suitably tired but am told I did well. It was an enjoyable – if surreal – experience. Back at home, Kate was watching and capturing Amelie’s reaction to me being on TV. As you can see, she still managed to poke me in the face from miles away. That’s quite a skill.

Never mind, I’m going back to the same studio tomorrow for a radio interview on the same subject! In the meantime, you can see my TV debut on BBC iPlayer. The item appears at 01:52:40. Amazing where blogging can take you!


  1. Marg

    A strange day for us too. Yesterday you were here at the old homestead and were sitting on the sofa. Today you were on the telly instead! What a communicator!

  2. Michelle Reeves

    Congrats Tom! Well done on your first TV appearance – hopefully you’ll find radio a bit less scary, it’s more intimate I think. And I agree with Alan… worth dropping them a line to say thanks and offer yourself up again.

  3. John Adams

    Good work Tom. I do love a bit of live TV. Good choice of clothes too. Remember, no patterns, logos and neutral tones! Seems like you also got away without wearing make up. I didn’t!

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