Keeping children secure online with Kaspersky Safe Kids

A child using a laptop computer.

Something that has been at the back of my mind for a while is keeping my kids safe online. Until now, we have only allowed Dylan and Xander to use the internet under supervision, but they’re growing up quickly.

Dylan has regular homework and this often requires research. A lot of it is image based, so this immediately sets alarm bells ringing.

As he is now an accomplished reader though, it makes sense for us to take more of a back seat. It’s important he learns things for himself without us wrapping him in cotton wool. Xander, meanwhile, is very tech savvy for his age but thinks that he knows more than he actually does.

With all this in mind, it’s important that we do something to ensure they are safe when using the internet. Global cyber security experts Kaspersky recently interviewed real children about their experiences online. You can see their responses in the video below.

It’s fascinating how much some of them know already, but this is also dangerous. Children are net natives and have never known a world without the internet. While this means that they take to it more intuitively than we did, it also means they are less cautious than we were.

A recent Kaspersky survey of over 5,000 children aged 10-15, reveals some alarming stats that prove this point. Over two thirds said they had heard bad language on the internet. Meanwhile, a third reported witnessing violence online. Furthermore, a quarter said they had viewed pornography.

Other findings show that one in five admitted that their parents set no rules about how they used the internet at home. Another worrying stat is that two thirds knew how to cover their tracks from their parents.

I sometimes think I’ve been too cautious but stats like these make me glad that I have. Even so, I can’t sit over the boys forever. I don’t want to stifle them, particularly when it’s for educational purposes. Something that combines peace of mind for me and freedom for them is the order of the day.

One such solution is Kaspersky Safe Kids. It’s a downloadable app for PCs, Macs and mobiles which helps protect children online. Among other features, it guards against online risks and also enables parents to keep track of where their children are and manage their screen time.

A year’s subscription costs £14.99 and means you can stay connected with your kids and be confident they are safe.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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