Why I’m glad the Christmas holidays are over

A silhouette of a man celebrating. Perhaps because he's glad the Christmas holidays are over.

With the Christmas holidays over and done with for another year, it’s time to get back into the usual routine. I’m properly back to work after a two-week go-slow, while the boys have returned to school. I used to completely hate this time of year, but am relishing it now. We had a lovely family Christmas, but it has delighted me enough and I’m glad it’s over. Here are five reasons why…

Festive fighting

What is is about the season of peace and goodwill that drives siblings to hate each other so much? Sofa cushion border disputes and battles over the remote control become daily occurrences. Then there’s the seething resentment at the perceived disparity of gifts – even when great pains have been taken to ensure equality.

Oh, Christmas tree

Once Christmas has passed, the Christmas tree seems like a guest that has outstayed their welcome. It needlessly occupies space and serves as a reminder that the party is over. With the distraction of gifts removed, it also becomes a target for toddlers and pets hell bent on trying their hands at being lumberjacks.

Family film ‘fun’

Watching films together is a bit like some movies themselves – there’s a lot of hype that ultimately gives way to disappointment. The kids either fail to agree on a film, or are united in a desire to watch something wildly inappropriate. The ensuing 90 minutes are punctuated by the aforementioned sofa cushion border disputes, the need to go to the toilet every five minutes and the repetition of the first funny moment until it is no longer amusing.

Lost in time

Another common gripe is that it can be too easy to lose track of time and purpose. Go to any shopping centre during this week-long limbo between anticlimaxes and you’ll find people wandering around aimlessly. If you’ve ever wondered where George A Romero gained inspiration for Dawn of the Dead, this could be your answer.

Food glorious food

Festive food is, indeed, glorious but it gets too much after a while. Everywhere you go are chocolates, mince pies and leftover turkey. Being British, we know it’s rude to decline, so have no choice but to constantly eat like the aforementioned zombies. If Roy Wood’s Wizzard got their wish about it being Christmas every day, we would all have gout.

Which festive delights are you glad to see the back of?


  1. Iris Tilley

    There should be a new meaning to boxing day as I’m lumbered with hundreds of boxes So many boxes not much plastic or foil not much difference there at all Just boxes cardboard boxes lol Need to have a boxing bonfire

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