A strange rite of passage

Three pictures of a dad with each of his children in a glass dome.

Being a parent of three, it can sometimes be difficult remembering exactly when each child achieved certain landmarks. Even with this permanent digital record at my disposal! Until last week, however, there was one thing that I knew was still on Amelie’s to do list. It’s a strange rite of passage, I know, but one that’s important to me.

During their first visit to our local zoo, each of my kids has to have their photo taken. And it must be in a certain place too. Inside the glass dome for meeting the meerkats at close quarters. I’m not sure how this strange tradition started, but it’s one I fully intended to see through.

A father and child in a glass dome.

The tunnel for accessing the dome is child/hobbit size at best so maybe the opportunity to be silly and rebellious was what drove me to take Dylan in there for his photo five years ago. I remember whacking my head on the way out – that temporarily removed the silly grin from my face!

A year or so later it was Xander’s turn. And, yes, I hit my head while making good my escape from the fearsome meerkats. Again, the smile only disappeared momentarily.

A father and a different child in a glass dome.

True to form, I hit my head when I took Amelie in for her photo too. I didn’t mind though. The trilogy was complete. George A Romero focused on zombies, Simon Pegg et al favoured Cornettos and I chose a glass dome.

Another parenting achievement in the bag. For me, these snaps are up their with pictures of first outdoor walks, first nativities and first days at school. Even though the boys both look grumpy in their pictures!

A father and a third child in a glass dome.

We’re not planning on adding to the brood, so this is good news for my head. It’s also good news for the meerkats as we may actually say hello to them next time.

Do you have an unusual rite of passage for your kids? Let me know in the comments below!


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