A change of plan

A pad of paper and pen with some screwed-up pages. There has been a change of plan!

It’s a good job that I didn’t get as far as making New Year’s resolutions this year. Top of the list would have been moving house. In theory, it should have been easy to achieve.

Ours was already on the market and there was serious interest. We had made sure we had a portable mortgage when we went to a lower rate last year.

There was even a place we liked. Everything was looking positive. Until a routine call to our mortgage provider put an abrupt end to it.

I still don’t understand why the computer said no. I wasn’t alone in that either. The man on the other end of the phone was as bewildered as I was. He double checked and it was still a no. So that was that.

We suffered a similar blow in January last year. A different project with my parents fell foul of town planners changing their minds. After much jumping through hoops, of course. This made this latest rejection a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

Months of abandoning my work to accommodate short-notice viewings and a vacuuming habit Lady Macbeth would have been proud of appeared to have been in vain. What a waste of time. After a brief spell of feeling sorry for ourselves and cursing 2017 for being all a bit 2016, it was time to discuss a change of plan.

And it’s a pretty exciting plan too. We’re going to extend our house, chopping and changing rooms to make more of the space. Looking at things from a different point of view has changed everything.

We keep noticing potential changes and their associated benefits that had never occurred to us. It’s early days, of course, but the ideas we have in mind will make better use of space, light and energy bills.

Amelie will finally have a room of her own. This means I’ll be able to work without disrupting nap time. There will also be space for the boys to play without their little sister trying to eat their LEGO and, all being well, we’ll have a downstairs loo as well. I’ve gone from morose to giddy in a couple of days!

Suddenly it all seems clear. The stress we had put ourselves under for months has evaporated. It’s almost as if the winter fog outside had infiltrated our thoughts, blinding us to some pretty obvious positives.

It would have been a wrench to leave the home we love. We would have been hard pushed to find a better location too. It’s also going to give me plenty more to write about on here. I think this just goes to show that, sometimes, the answers to our problems can be right under our noses.

So, although I haven’t consciously bought into the positive thinking to start the year thing, it seems to have happened anyway. No more frantic tidying and guessing what fragrance viewers were wearing. Here’s to months of planning and brick dust!


  1. Jim Flowers

    Sorry to hear hear of the house move plans falling through. I used to work as a bank manager in a previous role and became disillusioned with the increasing “computer says no” response I was finding myself having to give on more occasions than not.. without any real reasons. It was as if the bank went from one extreme of irresponsible lending through to only the rich being excepted and they didn’t need any finance and spent more time moaning about poor savings rates…

    On the plus side, it sounds like it may prove to be a blessing in disguise as I can completely feel your exciting in your post and look forward to seeing and hearing more soon 🙂

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