Month: January 2017

A change of plan

A pad of paper and pen with some screwed-up pages. There has been a change of plan!

It’s a good job that I didn’t get as far as making New Year’s resolutions this year. Top of the list would have been moving house. In theory, it should have been easy to achieve. Ours was already on the market and there was serious interest. We had made sure we had a portable mortgage …

My TV debut

A screenshot of the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2.

Today got off to an unusual start. I had actually slept well. Amelie, who thinks it’s much more fun to keep the same waking hours as most woodland creatures, only had us up once. As a result, I felt shattered. It’s a strange reaction, I know, but I imagine the body thinks “Yeah, let’s have another …

The well of lost soles

A lion surrounded by stolen clothes.

I’ve always been fairly obsessive about taking care of my possessions and not losing them. As a result, recent events have been a test of my resolve. Both Dylan and Xander have started losing school uniform with alarming frequency. I should have seen it coming last year when Dylan temporarily lost his hat on the school …