My best posts of 2016

A selection of images from the best posts of 2016 on Diary of the Dad.

There’s no getting away from it, 2016 has been a monumentally depressing year. As well as Brexit, Trump and the loss of so many great talents, it’s been generally bad for everyone I know. Like most, I can’t wait to see the back of 2016 but I think it’s still important to find positives where we can. Even when it’s the smallest of victories.

With that in mind and inspired by Simon at Man Vs Pink who has been sharing his most popular posts on social media, here are some of my best posts of 2016. It seems people tend to like my silly, whimsical stuff best so that has been noted for 2017!

My school run hell

Mercifully, things have got better since I wrote this post but the school run was my natural enemy at the start of the year. Featuring school, pre school and behaviour worthy of Lord of the Flies, this one seems to have resonated with other humiliated parents.

A biohazard sign.

Five ways my kids have made me skanky

Another one from early in the year in which I bemoan the lack of time I’ve had to make myself presentable. And, of course, the blame has been attributed to the kids.

Seven annoying things babies do

In this one, I take a look at some of the slightly less cute things that babies get up to. Including evading clean nappies, a disdain for socks and acts of violence against their parents.

‘New’ school photos: a rant

In my day, they were simple group shots that were easy to frame. Now they’re panoramas of catalogue poses that don’t fit anywhere. And they’re really chuffing expensive too!

A man holding a train ticket and a baby with a video game achievement graphic superimposed.

If parenting achievements were video game achievements

This one is my personal favourite. What happens when you don’t have enough time for video games? You create your own achievements for parenting victories!

Why reading is bad for kids

It’s not all good news when your pride and joy learns to read. This one features more embarrassment for yours truly as well as the exposure of lies and the banishing of some of my favourite DVDs.

Dumb and Dumber

Perhaps this post was a little uncharitable to Dylan and Xander as they’re both clever little lads. But one of them threw his hat on a roof and the other got his head trapped in a highchair…

Two LEGO figures demonstrating ninja baby moves.

Five baby ninja moves for injuring unsuspecting parents

More acts of violence by babies on their mums and dads. If you have a particularly advanced baby, don’t let them read this – it’s basically a manual for maiming parents.

To fee or not to fee

‘Brexit’ was named word of the year in 2016. Here are some of the other candidates it pipped to the post. And, yes, they were all made up by my two young sons.

Art attack

Another ‘I’m grumpy about my kids reaching an exciting stage of development’ post. However, the reaction to this proved that there are plenty of other fed up parents with prolific young artists on their hands.



  1. Nige

    Some great posts there some I haven’t read need to catch up later great review happy new year to you and yours Tom

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