Cleaning up for Christmas

A man who is clearly about to start cleaning up for Christmas!

Disclosure: this is a paid collaboration.

As our house is up for sale at the moment, I’m no stranger to cleaning in a hurry. We often receive calls about viewings at short notice so I’m always ready to scrub things. With three children around, there’s usually a mess somewhere.

While I’m far from being a clean freak, I always have things close to hand to get jobs done. After all, once we’re into the thick of the festive season, the unexpected viewers will be replaced by unexpected guests so we’ll be cleaning up for Christmas. Like everyone else, this is a busy time of year for us, so it needs to be done quickly.

The vacuum cleaner is always plugged in – but switched off at the wall; safety first and all that – in the cupboard under the stairs ready to use. Similarly our cleaning robot is always waiting upstairs so we can do both levels at once.

To help me out this year, Vileda sent me a selection of cleaning products. Not your normal Christmas presents I grant you, but I do love gifts that have practical use!

A selection of cleaning products under a Christmas tree.

If you’re as old as me, the name Vileda is probably synonymous with mops. The brand has branched out to a wide variety of reliable products now, but I was still pleased that there was one included.

The SuperMocio Micro and Cotton Mop – or Moppy Moppy as Xander calls it – is ideal for cleaning kitchen and bathroom floors in a hurry. It’s great at picking up dirt and reaching corners. As it includes highly absorbent cotton too, floors dry quickly.

The Style Dish Cloth will help with the inevitable extra washing up and cleaning of surfaces. It’s also machine washable so can be used again – great when you’re too full of food and drink to go to the shops to buy another one!

Then there’s the Bathroom Sponge Scourer. Removing the fourth wall for a moment here, I take a lot of my blog photos in the bathroom as it gets the best natural light. The need to keep it clean is therefore even more important and this will do the job nicely.

There was also a dustpan and brush in the box from Vileda. Of course, we already had one but now we have one for upstairs too. This can only speed up short-notice clean-up operations, so that suits me.

This lot should help make light work of cleaning up for Christmas. Thanks, Vileda!

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