Christmas Gift Guide 2016

A selection of ideas from Diary of the Dad's Christmas Gift Guide 2016.

Where has this year gone? It’s time for my Christmas Gift Guide! I’ve tried to include suggestions for all the family and at a range of prices too. I hope it gives you a few gift ideas for everyone!

Discovery Kids digital walkie talkies by Trends UK.

Discovery Kids digital walkie talkies

These digital walkie talkies from Discovery Kids have a range of up to 3km as well as several other handy features. These include a ringing call alert and LED display, making them clear visually as well as audibly. Hopefully, this will signal an end to Dylan and Xander shouting to each other when they’re in different rooms!

RRP: £24.99

A Folio Society edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Folio Society books

I’m not a big reader these days but I have a few favourite books so I was delighted to be offered this. The Folio Society produces beautiful editions of much-loved classics including The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I love the cover design as well as the wonderful illustrations throughout. It has clearly been put together with great affection for Douglas Adams’ marvellous, comic storytelling. I’ll treasure this!

RRP: £29.95

Two LEGO City Volcano Explorer sets.

LEGO City Volcano Explorers

I’m so happy that both Dylan and Xander have been bitten by the LEGO bug and am going to enjoy helping them assemble these – if they let me, of course! The Volcano Exploration Truck and Volcano Crawler promise to inspire plenty of creative play. The intrepid scientists and miners of LEGO City are searching for precious stones in the lava. Both vehicles include boulders that can be opened using the drill or jackhammer respectively. Further fun and games can be found on the LEGO City site.

RRP: from £14.99

A personalised iPad Mini case by Zippi.

Zippi personalised gifts

Zippi produces all kinds of fantastic gift ideas which can be personalised with photos and art. I needed an iPad Mini cover decided to get one of my favourite pictures of Amelie on it. It arrived in a couple of days and is of excellent quality. It fits my iPad Mini perfectly and I’m confident it will keep it safe from harm at the hands of the butter-wouldn’t-melt-faced baby on its cover!

RRP: from £17.99 depending on iPad model.

A bottle of Chocolate Box Shiraz from

Chocolate Box Shiraz

Kate and I both love Shiraz, so this wine from is right up our street! As the name suggests, it’s the perfect complement to another tasty treat. But at a hearty 14.5%, we’ll probably be sharing this one with my parents rather than quaffing the lot ourselves! If wine isn’t your thing, 31Dover has plenty of other tipples to choose from with next-day delivery available. Cheers!

RRP: £12.99

The LeapTV by LeapFrog

LeapFrog LeapTV

Keeping kids active during winter can be tricky when it’s miserable outside, so here’s a great solution that is both entertaining and educational. The LeapTV by LeapFrog is the first gaming system of its kind created especially for children. It offers three ways to play; standard mode, motion controller and LED pointer. There’s also a motion-sensing camera so they can really get involved in games with characters including Spider-man.

RRP: £19.99

Two boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some chocolates to enjoy in front of an afternoon family film. I had heard great things about Hotel Chocolat, but hadn’t tried them until these arrived. We were sent the Christmas Sleekster and Toasty Toddies. They were all, without fail, delicious! All the cocoa in them has been grown in St Lucia by Hotel Chocolat themselves. As well as giving it a signature taste, it’s great to know they oversee everything from bean to box!

RRP: from £10

The Oral B Genius 9000 toothbrush.

Oral B Genius 9000

Of course, if you’re going to eat lots of chocolate, you must clean your teeth well and what better than this Oral B Genius 9000 intelligent brush? It’s the world’s first electronic toothbrush with position detection. When used with the Oral B app, it shows you areas you’ve missed or if you’re brushing too hard. It also has a triple pressure sensor so will slow down accordingly. As if all this isn’t enough, it comes with a smart travel case which charges both the brush and your smartphone. So cool!

RRP: £109.99

Pop Up Darth Vader by TOMY.

TOMY Pop Up Darth Vader

Somehow or other, Luke’s dad has got himself stuck in a barrel. Silly Darth! This is, of course, a twist on a popular family game and is bound to be a hit with Star Wars fans young and old. Players take turns at putting lightsabers in the barrel and, if the Sith Lord goes into orbit, they’re out. It includes four different sounds from the films, including music and, of course, his fearsome breathing.

RRP: £17.99

A personalised diary from Pen Heaven.

Pen Heaven diary

Something I need to get better at is being organised so this diary from Pen Heaven is perfect for me. They obviously take pride in their products as mine arrived giftwrapped – a nice touch, I thought. The diary itself is of excellent quality and, as it’s refillable, can be used for many years to come. As you can see, these diaries can be personalised. I’ll be using mine to keep track of all things blogging, so DOTD it is!

RRP: £34.90

Count & Crawl Kitty by LeapFrog.

LeapFrog Count and Crawl Kitty

As ‘cat’ is one of Amelie’s few words at the moment, it’s safe to say she’s going to love this! Count and Crawl Kitty has been created to help children learn to count from an early age. Pressing buttons on Kitty’s back helps teach little ones numbers from 1-20 via music and fun. It’s suitable from 12 months of age.

RRP: £14.99

A Star Wars BB-8 lamp by Paladone.

Paladone BB-8 light

Xander has suddenly become afraid of the dark and both boys love Star Wars, so this light from Paladone will make the perfect addition to their room. When illuminated, a 3D image of BB-8 appears. It can be powered either by batteries or a micro USB that’s included in the box. It’s worth mentioning that Paladone produces a vast array of Star Wars gifts, so it’s well worth visiting its site.

RRP: £19.99

The Greedy Granny box.

Greedy Granny

I always consider a family game a must on Christmas Day and, as the kids are still young, it needs to be silly to keep their attention. Greedy Granny definitely ticks the right boxes. Can you pilfer her biscuits before she wakes up, losing her false teeth in the process? We’ll probably wait until my grandma goes for a nap before playing this…

RRP: £19.99

Three gift ideas from Vinyl Revolution.

Vinyl Revolution gifts

The renaissance of vinyl records has gathered real momentum this year and I’ve always been a fan of owning physical recordings rather than downloads. I applaud the sentiment of this T-shirt from Vinyl Revolution which, of course, paraphrases The Sex Pistols’ iconic album. I was also sent a shopping bag and pint glass with similar rebellious slogans. I’ll drink to that!

RRP: from £6 – £25

Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan by Trends UK.

Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan

As I’ve mentioned before, Amelie is a baby of few words so this Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan should encourage her to add a few new ones to her vocabulary. It has eight different spelling games which offer little ones lots of fun ways to learn. I saw this at the Toy Fair at the start of the year and was very impressed. I think Amelie will be too!

RRP: £19.99

Air Tube headphones by WaveWall.

WaveWall Air Tube headphones

As well as producing phone cases that are proven to stop mobile phones from affecting fertility, WaveWall has some nifty headphones in its range. Air Tubes have been designed to provide further protection from harmful radiation. Conventional headphones can simply channel it up to your ears, but these have a radiation shielded wire to stop it in its tracks. Very clever!

RRP: £19.99

A tube of Lotil original cream.

Lotil original cream

There’s nothing wrong with a few functional gifts, of course, and this would make a nice stocking filler or tree present. Lotil Original Cream has been trusted for over a century and has been formulated for dry skin. I’ve found it particularly useful in the recent cold weather – even though I don’t have to venture outside much, my hands do suffer! As well as being an effective moisturiser, it helps protect skin from other nasties.

RRP: £3.98

Disclosure: the products featured in my Christmas Gift Guide were provided by the brands in question. This post also includes affiliate links.

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