A Boxing Day feast for all the family

One of the days I always look forward to over Christmas is Boxing Day. This is because, without fail, we all descend on my parents’ house for a big family get together.

There will be four generations in attendance with ages ranging from one to 91, so there will be many mouths to feed. Not to mention different tastes to cater for. While we’ll all have had a good meal the day before, party food at events like this is a must!

With all the work that goes into Christmas dinner, minimal effort is the order of the day. That’s where frozen food comes to the fore. Of course, we don’t want to skimp on quality so we’ll be stocking up at Iceland. I’ve tried a few dishes from there this year and have been impressed every time.

To show off the kind of treats on offer, we recently had a trial run. A tough job, I know, but my family shares my dedication to such things!

We visited the Iceland website first to make a list of what we wanted and it was all in stock at our local store. To be honest, I needn’t have bothered writing it down – it was well organised and clearly labelled. Other supermarkets should take note! What’s more, most of the things we chose were on a two for £5 offer so our money went further.

Another bonus of food of this kind is that it allows people to control how much they eat. Naturally, this can be a test of willpower, but we all managed to eat a sensible amount. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be as restrained on Boxing Day though.

Among other items, we bought chicken & chorizo cups, duck Christmas trees and a breaded cheese selection. The chicken & chorizo cups were my personal favourite so I’ll be getting some more of these for Boxing Day.

With the kids in mind, we got some mini deep dish pizzas – which are always a hit – as well as sticky chicken skewers and some mini pies. These were all very tasty too.

We also got some chocolate star mousses and melt-in-the-middle puddings for those with a sweet tooth. Amelie enjoyed trying these in particular – the evidence was soon all over her face!

Without exception, we all enjoyed the party food so there was something for everyone. I felt suitably festive afterwards while my mum – who had never been to Iceland before – said that her eyes had been opened. My Grandma also really enjoyed it and I could tell that it wasn’t just the Bucks Fizz talking!

It was easy to prepare, fast and delicious and this will suit us come 26 December.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    Good luck on Boxing Day Tom, that’s a large age range of people to cater for. The food looks very appealing. Good work and well done Iceland for providing such a good range!

  2. Darren Coleshill

    Wow that’s an impressive age range.

    The food has made me feel so hungry.

    Hope you all have a Happy Christmas

  3. Anna Hill

    Thanks for the review Tom, that’s the food sorted for our Christmas Eve fuddle!
    Hope you all have a great Christmas x

  4. Lewis

    The range looks great. We used to have everybody around on Boxing Day. This food would have made that a lot easier.


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