What’s in my pockets?

A man holding a broken toy that he had in his pockets.

Despite having had a presence on YouTube for a while, I haven’t made as many videos as I would like. When John from DadblogUK invited me to take part in a vlog-based challenge, it was the push I needed.

Based on the trend of people revealing the contents of their bags, John thought it would be interesting to do something similar with pockets. I concur! When looking after small children, it’s easily to accumulate a lot of random stuff, so I thought this was a great idea.

I decided to give myself a stern test and take part on a Sunday. It meant that all three children would be around. We also often go to my parents’ house for lunch and I play five-a-side in the evening. This meant I had pockets aplenty – in my jeans, top, coat and the hoodie I wear after football too. More pockets than a snooker table, in fact.

Here’s how I got on!

Any advance on a Clanger that looks a bit like Vincent van Gogh? Why not take the challenge yourself? What’s in your pockets?


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