My Sunday Photo: calm

A quiet, still pond surrounded by autumn trees. A picture of calm!

Life has been more than a little hectic of late. With the first week of the new term, our house being on the market and work piling up, it’s been difficult to remain calm! This, then, was much needed.

I was in nearby Lewes for a couple of meetings and had arrived half an hour early. My first meeting was in some offices in an industrial estate. Spotting a path, curiosity got the better of me so I went to investigate. To find this! Who knew there would be something so calm and still right behind a hive of industry?

It was great to take a few minutes to sit down and do nothing – other than take this picture of course. It obviously helped too. I got five days’ extra work in the first meeting and agreed to an exciting new project in the second. Thanks, pond!



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