Sealy Deeper Sleeper challenge six: Himalayan salt lamp

A Himalayan salt lamp on a bedside table with a bed in the background.

The team at Sealy like to keep me on my toes with their Deeper Sleeper challenges. To remove the fourth wall for a moment, I know nothing until I open the parcels they send me. Things like pillows, duvets and even apps aren’t much of a surprise. I could never have predicted this one though. Mainly because I had never heard of such things. They sent me a Himalayan salt lamp!

Now I have to be honest. My first impressions were not good. I really don’t like the look of the lamp! It just isn’t my kind of thing. That said I was, of course, curious to see whether it would improve my sleep. Anything that helps is a good thing after all. The signs were promising too, given the scientific explanation that accompanied it.

Himalyan salt lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions. Positive ions are generally overproduced. This is bad news. This is because they reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain. In turn, this results in disrupted sleep. This is where the lamps and their negative ions come in.

I found this interesting, so did some further research. I found that they are also thought to be good for asthma sufferers like me. They remove microscopic particles and allergens from the air. After reading all of this, I was more than happy to give it a try. I had high hopes that it would help.

A Himalayan salt lamp.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice an obvious difference in my sleep patterns. As is often the case though, other factors were at play. These included Amelie’s new habit of waking us up every night. I’ve also had a cough and cold which has affected my breathing and kept me awake.

There has been one surprise, however. As the lamp is made from salt crystal it has a cold surface. This, of course, attracts moisture in the air. I found a small puddle around the base of it one morning and the windows were bone dry. The condensation – which often triggers my asthma at this time of year – was being drawn away from me! An unexpected result, but a welcome one nonetheless.

I think that, had I not had a cold, I probably would have noticed a difference. Both for the ways it should have worked and did work. I’m going to keep using my Himalayan salt lamp to see if it improves my environment at night. If it works for its intended purpose then great and, if not, I have an effective moisture trap!

So, despite my initial reservations, I think this experiment has to go down as a success. I look forward to finding out what my next Deeper Sleeper challenge involves. In the meantime, you can find out how I fared with other things here.

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