Review: Tommee Tippee digital ear thermometer

The Tommee Tippee digital ear thermometer.

Disclosure: I received a Tommee Tippee digital ear thermometer to review and keep. This post also includes an affiliate ad – if you buy one via it, I may earn a small commission.

There’s a time in autumn I always dread. As I have asthma, I need to have a flu jab every year.

While I’m not squeamish about needles, the jab is basically the curtain-raiser for bugs season. You can pretty much guarantee that someone in the family will come down with something within a fortnight of this date.

Despite being a parent of three, I still find it difficult to know when to really worry. Kids can be poorly one day and bounce back the next.

Nobody likes bothering doctors unduly – or, indeed, sitting in waiting rooms full of other germs. With this in mind, it can be difficult knowing when to book an appointment.

Well here’s something that will help! The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature digital ear thermometer. It delivers an accurate reading in a single second, stores nine readings for monitoring and is really easy to use.

It has been designed for use from birth, but can actually be used by the whole family.

There’s no need to worry about hygiene – the pack comes with eight disposable covers and replacement packs are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets. Also in the box is a connection ring to help put the covers in place.

The display is nice and clear and the icons intuitive. I did break the habit of a lifetime and read the instructions in full but had already worked out what each one meant. What’s more, if a reading is cause for concern, the thermometer will bleep an alarm.

I tried it out on Xander this morning. He seemed a little off colour and wasn’t his usual exuberant self. The reading came in at 35.6°C so no fever. He was probably just exhausted and run down after the first week back in reception after half term!

It put my mind at rest straight away and that is the real benefit of owning a reliable ear thermometer. While no device like this is a substitute for consulting your GP, it gives you a steer.

We’ve had other thermometers in the past, but none have been this fast or accurate, so I’m happy to recommend it.

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