Review: SPRINGURU pocket sprung shoes

A pair of SPRINGURU shoes.

I love it when people get in touch with products that I really need! I had just discovered that my shoes were no longer immune to the British weather when SPRINGURU emailed. Would I like to try out a pair of their pocket sprung shoes? Yes please!

SPRINGURU came into being following a successful Kickstarter campaign which attracted backers from 23 countries.

The inspiration behind the design comes from something of an unexpected source – luxury mattresses. There’s a reason children love bouncing on beds so much and this taps into that. They use individually-pocketed springs which respond independently of each other.

The video made for the successful campaign describes the design in more detail.

One of the aims of the design is to put a spring in your step and I can definitely vouch for that! This is hardly surprising as there are no fewer than 34 micro pocket springs in the midsoles of each pair.

My feet feel very well cushioned in them – particularly at the heels. As I have a habit of going through this particular area of footwear, this can only be a good thing. In fact, if you lift the insoles from the shoes, there are logos indicating where the springs can be found. A nice touch.

The inside of a SPRINGURU shoe, showing the positions of the springs.

The shoes are comfortable all round and not just underfoot. It’s clear that they have been made out of good-quality materials. Indeed, the pair I chose included suede and ballistic nylon. As well as feeling good to walk in, they keep my feet nice and warm while allowing them to breathe.

They look great too. I tend to wear jeans most of the time, but they also complement my smarter chinos nicely. There are several different designs available as well.

A pair of SPRINGURU shoes taken sideways on.

I’m very happy I said yes please to this opportunity. I love my new shoes and heartily recommend them. They retail at £95 a pair and I think they’re worth every penny.

I quickly go through pairs of a much-loved brand that cost around £50 and just can’t see that happening with SPRINGURU shoes. They’re sturdy as well as comfortable and much better equipped for the twin forces of the elements and my feet!

They also come with free UK shipping. If you like what you see here, how about 20% off? Use code DOTD20 at checkout. This code expires at the end of December 2016.


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