Review: My Little DaVinci frames

The My Little DaVinci frame.

I’ve written before about the drawings and paintings that Dylan and Xander produce. They’re unstoppable! I’m sure Amelie will soon discover the joy of expressing herself through the medium of art too. With the increasing number of doodles on display in our house, I needed help. And here it is in the form of My Little DaVinci.

The My Little DaVinci may appear to be a humble picture frame, but there’s much more to it than that. Its namesake Leonardo was known for concealing images behind his masterpieces and this does the same! In fact, you can store up to 50 sheets of paper in each one.

This is achieved thanks to a clever spring mechanism that responds to the collective thickness of the paper placed on top of it. The frames open from the front too, so there’s no need to take them down each time you want to change the picture. Of course, they could also be used to display photographs or certificates.

Two happy boys holding My Little DaVinci frames displaying their drawings.

I think they’re a great idea. Dylan and Xander love seeing their handiwork in a frame. It’s a lot more prestigious than the fridge which, as a result, is now clear of artwork. It’s nice being able to open it without paper and magnets flying across the kitchen!

Similarly, there are fewer creations adorning the walls and doors which is a good thing as our house is on the market at the moment. This leads to another good use of the My Little DaVinci frames. I’ve read that it pays to depersonalise your home so potential buyers can see themselves living there more easily. This means we can now quickly pop a generic print in place while we’re tidying up for a viewing.

An opened My Little DaVinci frame with the picture being changed.

The frames are easy to use. They open via a neatly concealed catch. You can then secure your new picture in place simply by pushing down on the spring-loaded mat. It’s that simple.

We’re really pleased with the two we have. For the record, they are A4 black and A3 white. They’re a clever solution to a problem all parents are more than familiar with. Prolific painters? No problem!

If you like what you see, I have an exclusive discount code to share. Enter DOTD when prompted to get £5 off the retail price of £29.99 on A4 My Little DaVinci frames.

Disclosure: I will receive a commission for each frame sold using my code.


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