Help Save the Children with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn range

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages chair.

Playing is an essential part of childhood. It aids children’s physical and emotional development. It also helps build problem-solving skills among a great many other benefits. Sadly, not all children have the same opportunities which is why I think the subject of this post is such a good idea.

Fisher-Price has partnered with Save the Children to help some of the most disadvantaged families in the UK.

This arrangement aims to give every child the chance to play and learn. From now until 24 December 2016, £1 from the sale of 16 different toys from the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn range, sold at Argos, will be donated to Save the Children.

The money raised will be spent on items such as beds, cookers, books and, of course, toys. As a result, poorer families will have the opportunity to create a positive home environment. If the stress associated with poverty can be reduced, children are more likely to develop healthily.

To help promote this partnership, we were sent one of the toys from the range for Amelie to enjoy. We chose the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair. As soon as it arrived, she wanted to investigate. She was all over the box trying to open it and keen to ‘help’ while I assembled her new toy.

To say she loves it would be an understatement. The moment we sat her down on it and the music started, she had a beaming smile on her face. She was soon exploring further.

She then realised that the seat lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment. All young children love a little place like this to hide things in. An added bonus for us is that we now know where to look first when all her dummies are missing!

A close-up of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages chair showing a colourful book.

She enjoys pressing all the buttons and flipping the pages on the book part. Doing so causes it to play different songs and sounds and it seems she has a favourite – one about butterflies. As if to prove my earlier point about physical development, she has also taken to climbing on her chair!

I think it’s a lovely toy for a young child and one they can grow with. Indeed, you can enter their age to change the learning content as they get older. Amelie clearly gets a lot out of playing with it and it’s wonderful watching her.

A child standing on a toy chair.

If you’re on the lookout for a gift of this kind for Christmas, please consider something from this range. As well as being great educational toys, they help a fantastic organisation carry out some vital work.

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