Two by two

A bus stop. You just need to imagine them coming in two by two.

You wait for ages then two turn up at once. That old adage about buses seems to accurately describe my life at the moment. Everything of note that has happened over the last week has been doubled. The highlights march in two by two. Hurrah, hurrah indeed. It seems that I’m participating in an elaborate game of matching pairs.

First of all – and most excitingly – Amelie took her first steps yesterday. She has been cruising around like a boss for a few weeks now and had graduated to standing unassisted for a few seconds too, but this was new.

Suddenly, she nonchalantly took two steps. It was as if she had been able to do so all along, but wanted to keep us in suspense. She has since repeated this feat of feet, so it won’t be long until she’s toddling around. Clever girl!

Then, just as we were starting to despair that hardly anyone had looked round our house since we put in on the market, the phone rang. There was a viewing booked for 20 minutes’ time and they wanted to fit another in before it.

It didn’t matter that we didn’t have much warning. We were just glad to have some interest. We hastily tidied, put Amelie in her pushchair and got out.

This living my life in stereo lark has been going on since last week. One quiet morning, I received an email inviting me to take part in a radio interview. I’ve done a few since starting this blog, so said yes immediately and was on air 20 minutes later. The subject was what makes a good dad.

A couple of hours later, a similar email from another station arrived. So it was that I appeared on two different radio stations discussing the same topic on the same day.

Strange, no? Or maybe not. We live right next to a bus stop after all.

And yes, I’m due to publish two blog posts tomorrow…

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