Review: Midweek Mini Roasts

A midweek mini roast on a plate.

One of the things I enjoy most about autumn is the return of Sunday roasts. It’s not just about the comfort food side of things; it’s the social element too. I can’t be alone in this and it prompts an important question. Why wait until Sunday?!

The people at Simply Beef and Lamb are on a mission to get Brits enjoying a midweek mini roast. And why not, eh? Midweek mini roasts are quick and easy to prepare and just right for two to share. This makes them ideal for busy parents.

Thanks to two out of our three children knowing every trick in the book, Kate and I don’t often get to eat until around 8pm. Good food that requires minimal effort is therefore the order of the day! We tried a topside mini roast with horseradish this week and really enjoyed it.

A midweek mini roast on a platter.

The preparation side of things took mere minutes. It was simply a matter of seasoning the beef, making the sauce, pouring it on and bunging it in the oven. Job done. We were then free to begin the farce that is bedtime while it cooked. With the exception of quick detours from reading stories to put on the spuds and broccoli, that was that.

It was ready when we returned to the kitchen. The smell was amazing and it looked fantastic too. The true test, of course, is in the taste and it was delicious. The flavour of the sauce – horseradish, lemon zest and runny honey – really complemented the beef, which was cooked to perfection.

Our mini roast felt like a reward for getting through the first few days of the week. See? They are so much more than just meals! As you can probably tell, this was a successful experiment and we’ll definitely be enjoying a few more before the year is out.

A joint of beef showing the Red Tractor logo on the packaging.

Why not plan a few midweek mini roasts yourself? Just remember to look out for a quality mark like the Red Tractor logo when buying your beef or lamb. This will mean that the meat is traceable from farm to fork.

Also, while we went for a fairly traditional recipe, there are plenty of others to choose from if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. We’re going to try the pistachio and orange crusted lamb mini roast next week!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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