Review: Graco Milestone All-In-One car seat

A collage of images of the Graco Milestone car seat.

Despite not owning a car, we have bought several car seats in our time. Living in a semi-rural area there are some places public transport doesn’t go, so it’s grandparents to the rescue! Here’s an innovation that eliminates the need to buy more than one. The Graco Milestone All-In-One car seat claims to be the only one you’ll ever need.

It is designed for use from birth up to 12 years, has three different riding modes and reclines to four positions. The riding modes are: rear facing (0-13kg), forward facing harness (9-18kg) and highback booster (15-36kg). There is some overlap between modes. For example, Amelie is within the weight brackets for the first two.

The Graco Milestone car seat in rear facing mode.

As well as being easy to install, it has several handy features. As I mentioned in my previous Graco post, one of the things that struck me was that the products take parents into consideration too. Of course, child safety comes first, but design elements that help parents at potentially stressful times are a major plus.

These include an intuitive reclining base, a five-point harness that adjusts with the headrest and colour coded belt guides.

You can see some of these features in my video below.

Being a natural worrier, I am always concerned that car seats are going to move around. There were no such problems here. It stayed firmly in place in each of the three configurations. The harness is simple to adjust to the exact position you need it in and the seat has been designed to include side impact protection.

Staying safe is the main priority, but comfort is also important. A complaining child in a moving car can create dangers of their own, after all. Both Dylan and Xander said that they found the seat comfortable and Amelie appeared to be quite happy in it too.

The Graco Milestone car seat in one of the forward facing modes.

It looks the part too. Obviously, this isn’t as important as other factors but, as children become self conscious as they grow up, it’s good that it doesn’t look babyish.

The true test, of course, is on the road. As you can see from the picture here, Amelie seemed very happy!

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I think the Graco Milestone is a very well designed car seat. It’s sturdy, safe, easy to use and comfortable for the children. I’m also happy that we now have something Amelie can grow up with.

The Graco Milestone car seat is available from various retailers from £149.95.

Disclosure: I was provided with the Graco Milestone car seat for this review.


    1. Grace Kelly

      Has anybody had a problem with there Graco milestone. Seat. My wee boy is only a year an half and he can press the red button no problem and let himself out…

      1. Post

        Sorry to hear this Grace. We’ve had no such problems so I’m not sure what to suggest other than contacting Graco. Hope they’re able to help. 🙂

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