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A picture of the Clangers with the Clangers for Kindness hashtag superimposed.

We’re big fans of the Clangers in our house. I loved watching reruns of the original series as a child and have no qualms admitting I still enjoy watching the new episodes. In addition, we were all lucky enough to attend the premiere of the new series last year.

The Clangers For Kindness campaign encourages everyone toΒ spread kindness every day. Just like our little whistling friends do! They are welcoming to visitors to their planet, for starters. Something that a lot of people could learn from.

They also make us laugh a lot and I’ve always been a believer that sharing humour is a kind act in itself.

Dylan, Xander and Amelie get a lot out of watching Clangers. Naturally, Amelie is more interested in the colours and movement than anything else, but her brothers seem to get some of the messages.

A little sibling rivalry aside, they are generally nice to each other – much like Small and Tiny! Or maybe that should be the Soup Dragons;Β the other day, both Kate and I were feeling unwell. They decided they wanted to make lunch – soup and sandwiches – for us. We couldn’t let them use the oven, of course, but the kind thought was there. Unprompted and caring.

The kids in this video seem pretty clued up too!

To celebrate the Clangers for Kindness campaign, I have some Clangers toys to give away to one reader.

To be in with a chance of winning, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. You can enter via as many of the methods as you like, but there’s one I’m going to insist on.

Two packs of Clangers toys.

In the spirit of the approach taken by our little woolly friends, I’d like to know the last kind thing you did.Β Tell me via a blog comment.

Good luck!

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    My niece and nephews stayed over last night while my brother and his wife went out partying. They are similar ages to my kids so they were no bother. I made them all a full English cooked breakfast today!

  2. Lynn Heath

    I looked after my nephew for three days this week as well as my own 3 kids so my sister didn’t have to pay for extra childcare, I was totally outnumbered and the noise was immense but I’d do it again!!!

  3. Kim Neville

    Did some food shopping and made a meal ready for my mum to warm up when she came back from holiday today

  4. Lindsey Stuart

    I looked after my friends little ones for a week because she was in the hospital and was worried that she would have no one to look after them.
    I was delighted to have them as they kept my little girl busy and really I got a break haha! πŸ™‚

  5. Simon C

    We cooked a meal for a friend who had had a baby. We had a rota, so they didn’t have to cook for three weeks. They were part of a group of friends who did the same for us when we had our girls, and the same for several other friends. It’s a great way to support each other, and such a big help when you really need it.

  6. Vicki Nicholls

    Well we haven’t done it yet, but I’ve bought some boxes of mince pies to distribute anonymously on neighbours doorsteps as a random act of kindness.

  7. Ruth Harwood

    I took my agrophobic neighbour to her PIP appointment and sat with her trying to keep her calm the whole time

  8. Laura Pritchard

    I can’t remember – I’m sure I do kind things but I’m not someone who would identify them as such.

  9. amy bondoc

    ive kind of become “unoffical” carer to an elderly gentleman in my local cafe, ive known him now for 15 years and always helping him out, last week i baked him a stew πŸ™‚

  10. amy bondoc

    ive kind of become “unoffical” carer to an elderly gentleman in my local cafe, ive known him now for 15 years and always helping him out, last week i baked him a stew πŸ™‚ i usually help him out with his shopping

  11. Angie McDonald

    I gave my mum and sister a pair of boots each that i’d picked up at the last cr boot sale I went to and I haven’t worn – my mum had a huge smile on her face as she adored them!

  12. Jemma Dwyer

    my friend is boxing in white collar boxing in late november for cancer i gave money for support πŸ˜€

  13. Clare Hubbard

    I often help people in supermarkets reach items from the top shelves, the perks of being tall!

  14. Sadiyya Maryam

    I posted out a book to cheer my 8 year old nephew up, he’s type 1 diabetic and things were getting to him recently. We live away from my family so I just wanted him to know how special and brave I think he is.

  15. Lorraine STONE

    Got a work colleague a life home with someone else when it was raining. Played car matchmaker! Haha

  16. Anthea Holloway

    I cooked liver and kidneys for my husband for lunch even though I don’t like them myself! I had something different and he was very grateful!!!


    helped norman along the street who has had a stroke running errands and his medication xx

  18. Niki Marie Wardle

    I passed my day ticket for the train on to someone at the station, when they asked if I wanted anything for it I told them to pay it forward, I’d like to think they did.

  19. Heather Morrison

    I help my partner daily as he’s disabled. Our son is a great help too. A little superstar he is xx

  20. Jodie W

    Slept in my son’s room last night cuddling him when he woke up crying with a fever and painful ears

  21. John Jewett

    Sat outside Matalan on my mobility scooter, and collected Β£180 for comfort and warmth charity in Weston-super-Mare, with which I’ve bought thermal clothing, for homeless people

  22. Susan B

    I let two people who were behind me in the supermarket queue and who only had a few items each to be served before me.

  23. Angela Kelly

    I try to be kind everyday, I suppose offering a friendly ear to a student yesterday would be the last thing.

  24. Sirley Young

    And I’m also knitting 150 mini Christmas puddings for my son’s nursery so they could raise some money πŸ™‚

  25. Leeanne Clifford

    I guess I try to do kind things whenever I can. Little things like today when I gave one of my “special” coffees at work to my work colleague. He really enjoyed it and appreciated having a flavoured latte rather than a regular coffee.
    Sometimes little things like that can really cheer someone up

  26. Vickie Jackson

    I made a hamper up for one of the mums at my sons nursery while she was in hospital with her little boy (my sons best friend) I filled it full of things from home I thought she’d be missing.

  27. Laura Harrison

    When I was well enough I used to volunteer for a cancer charity doing administrative work xx

  28. Allison Campbell

    Plated up todays Sunday roast and took plate round to my neighbour, like we most sundays if her family don’t call round.

  29. Kat F

    I made a proper layered cake for my husband’s birthday and made sure I didn’t mention his age all day πŸ˜‰

  30. Ruth Wollerton

    I gave a random old person my umbrella in the pouring rain because they were completely soaked.

  31. claire fawkner

    Put together a shoe box full of goodies with the children – they loved it, we cant wait to see who it goes to x

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