11 months old already!

A happy little girl who is 11 months old already!

I can’t believe that Amelie is 11 months old already! We have had another month of milestones and mischief as she continues to make her presence felt. The big news is that her first teeth have finally broken through. They had been basically visible beneath her gums for months and all the other signs were there, but no gnashers. Finally, though, they are here.

Perhaps that will have some bearing on her sleep. She is still reluctant to get any shuteye during the day and we’re lucky if she naps for more than an hour in total. The picture here is one of those all-too-rare moments in which she gave in and had forty winks. I’m not sure what the strange sleeping position is all about, but she seems to like it – despite the fact she wakes up with hand marks on her face!

Why have all three of my kids gone through a phase of sleeping like this?!

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Her babbling is coming along and she says a few things in the right context that sound like words. “Hiya”, “bye” and “yeah” have joined “Mama”, “Dada” and “Cat” in her vocabulary. She seems to be understanding more and more words too now. “Music” elicits an excitable response and she’ll rest her head on our shoulders if we say “cuddle”.

Then there’s the standing and walking. She¬†recently took her first steps and is getting more and more confident. The most she has managed before purposefully sitting down is four or five. She doesn’t fall – it’s always a case of quitting while she’s ahead¬†and having a rest. With the walker, however, she goes up and down the front room, squawkiny indignantly each time she gets to one end. She hasn’t mastered turning it around yet and doesn’t take kindly to us being slow to help her!

Going straight for the telly…

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In fact, we’ve spotted a few diva-like tendencies in recent weeks. She does like to get vocal if she doesn’t achieve something first time. This also extends to when she’s gently told to stop doing something. She has discovered that emptying drawers and shelves is immense fun. We don’t see things in quite the same way as our house is on the market and we’re trying to keep things tidy but, of course, she doesn’t care!

As she becomes more interested in the world around her, she has started taking more of an interest in toys and the TV. She has started playing with things instead of simply putting them in her mouth and laughs like an evil genius when Waybuloo is on. I’d completely forgotten it existed! It looks like we’re going to be reacquainted with plenty more long-forgotten kids’ shows by the time she turns one.


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