What people dislike about shopping

A close-up of a credit card in someone's hand.

Shopping. A prospect that delights some and strikes fear into others, yet something that we all need to do. Especially given the festivities that occur at the end of the year! It’s also the subject of a couple of stereotypes we’re all familiar with. But are they accurate?

A recent survey by Andrews Air Conditioning has identified what people dislike about shopping. The results appear in the infographic below. In general, it seems that the stereotypes are upheld. A healthy 62% of women said that they liked shopping, while a lowly 16% of men said the same. When it came to waiting for a partner, women wait for an average of over 14 minutes while men wait for over 23.

One thing that both genders agreed on though was the temperature. Both sexes dislike shopping in stores that are too warm. Furthermore, 50% of people felt that they would enjoy the process more if shops had better air conditioning. It would appear that investment in this area would be a breath of fresh air to all shoppers!

What do you think of these findings and what do you dislike about shopping?

An infographic showing what both men and women dislike about shopping.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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