The wait is over

A school boy giving a thumbs up on his first day.

It has been a long summer for Xander. He’s been looking forward to starting school for months but, thanks to the transition process, has had to be patient. Finally, though, the wait is over. He had his first day – well, half day – on Friday and seemed to enjoy it.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly tough on him. Dylan was happily going to and from school, leaving Xander cutting a rather envious figure. He was constantly asking how many sleeps remained and was pretty much climbing the walls. Bored wasn’t the word. He also resorted to all kinds of ways of telling how much time there was until he could go to school…

A young boy blowing a dandelion, trying to tell the time left until school starts. Thankfully, the wait is over now!

As if to throw a final insult his way, the weather did its sarcastic British best. We were caught in the kind of downpour that would have King Lear yelling at the elements. As a result, poor Xander arrived for his first day soaked to the skin. His enthusiasm seemed dampened too. There were no tears, but he seemed dejected as he trudged into the classroom.

Both Kate and I felt guilty leaving him there and even more so when the school shared some pictures on Twitter. In the background of one of them, Xander could be seen on his own with his back to the camera looking out the window. His hand pressed to the glass for good measure.

Thankfully, he seemed a lot happier when we collected him. He had a big smile on his face and his teacher told us he had enjoyed a good first day exploring his new classroom. One of the first things he did was to find the toilets so he could dry his clothes under the hand dryer. This is typical Xander – if he encounters a challenge he lifehacks his way round it. It was good to hear that a new environment didn’t get in the way of his problem-solving prowess.

It turned out that, on the ‘sad window’ picture, he was just looking to see if he could spot Dylan anywhere. This just goes to show how easy it can be for parents to project their anxieties onto their children. He was fine. Just surveying his new manor!

He had his second day – well, half day again – today. Despite a couple of tears on arrival, he was perfectly happy by home time. In fact, he even reported that he’d told his teacher he loves school. That’ll do us!

He’s happy, so we’re happy and he’s going to get along fine. Good lad, Xander!


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