Ten months old already!

A baby girl who is ten months old.

Another month has flown by and Amelie is now ten months old. I ended last month’s update speculating as to whether she would be walking and talking by now. The answer to both questions is nearly!

She’s a lot more self-assured on her feet now and is cruising around furniture like a boss. She has also taken an interest in using her walker for its intended purpose. Until recently, she just smacked it and danced to the music it plays. I don’t think it will be long until she’s pushing it around the front room.

She has also become confident at doing things while standing up. She tried to run her own bath a couple of weeks ago. Very helpful!

Onto the talking. She now uses ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ in the correct context most of the time, rather than as repetitive sounds. Irritatingly, her first proper word seems to be reserved for my nemesis, She-Ra. What was “paa” for a while has now become “cat”.

Send technical support – something just crashed on my computer!

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Her pesky teeth are still not through, although she continues to dribble and tug her ear so they can’t be far away from finally breaking through. Another thing we’re patiently waiting for is for her to realise that having a nap during the day is a good idea. While I won’t complain about her sleeping well at night, she gets really moody by the end of the day. This impromptu nap/interrupting my work is a rare sight indeed!

“Oh? You’re taking a photo of me?” Such a poser…

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With Xander now at school, Amelie is going to have more opportunity to stamp her authority on us. She’s getting good at exploring, pretending to look surprised when we take photos and taking the mickey.

She loves crawling away from us, waving her arms and then crawling off again, laughing maniacally. I’m looking forward to seeing how this game is going to progress with the addition of words!

As if to further prove her cheeky credentials, Amelie proceeded to do this just as I was about to publish this post…

“It wasn’t me!”

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I rest my case!


  1. Helen Pollard

    She’s ridiculously adorable! I love how her cheeky personality is coming through before she can even walk and talk properly haha!

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