Seven handy Netflix hacks

A tablet with Netflix loaded and a Netflix mug.

We’ve watched loads of Netflix over the summer and have been busy populating our watch list for autumn. I continue to enjoy discovering new things on it and that leads me nicely to the point of this post. These handy Netflix hacks should delight your inner geek and help you get more from the service. Here goes…

A Netflix page showing a family's profiles.

Each to their own

It’s normal for people’s viewing habits to differ, so it makes sense to have a profile for each member of the family. I must admit I’ve only just got round to doing this. Although she said nothing, Kate must have been bored of seeing recommendations based on zombies! To differentiate, you can personalise your profile icon via the ‘Manage Profiles’ section.

Want to delete something?

I’ve found this hack most useful for getting rid of things that I’ve started watching only to realise I’d seen them before. True story: we watched most of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol before the penny dropped. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit and click the X to the right of the item in question. Ethan Hunt will no longer be literally left hanging from a wire and you won’t be reminded of your own forgetfulness each time you log in.

A screenshot of Narcos - with ridiculous pink subtitles.

Fancy subtitles

We all know the importance of subtitles and these are easy to find and activate. But did you know you can customise them? Oh yes. You can now enjoy Narcos in a hot pink swirly handwriting font. Simply head over here to change your preferences.

The ex factor

Got an ex who knows your Netflix login and has been brazenly watching on your account? Time to dump them all over again. Under ‘My Account’, select ‘Settings’ then ‘Sign out of all devices’. Once this is done, change your password and that’s that. No more Orange Is the New Black for them!

A screenshot of one of the Netflix hacks.

Just one more episode

One of the best features of Netflix is the way it automatically plays the next episode in a series. Unfortunately, the same statement doesn’t apply with the kids and Xander, for one, can’t be trusted. Under ‘My Account’ go to ‘Playback Settings’ and uncheck the box entitled ‘Play next episode automatically’. This means one episode of Beat Bugs before bed rather than the whole series!

Been too generous?

Shared your Netflix login with too many people? You can easily keep track of who’s been accessing it and on which device. Simply go to for a full and comprehensive list. The next step is my own advice, not that of Netflix – though I’m sure they’ll agree. Have a word with the culprit and demand cake as compensation.

Another of the Netflix hacks - a fireplace from your TV!

Romantic night in

All parents know that ‘date nights’ can be tricky to organise, but this hack could help create a relaxing atmosphere. Instead of catching up on Stranger Things, why not have a night off in front of the fireplace? Don’t have one? No problem! Search Netflix for fireplace and hit play. Just add wine and conversation.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been provided with a year’s Netflix subscription.


  1. Tom

    Love that last tip! Will have to try and get a date night actually organised. I’ll have to turn off the play next feature, my daughter just watched rather a lot of my little pony. Thanks for the tips.

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