My Sunday Photo: Bake Off, Lake Off or Take Off?

A baby standing next to a switched-off oven. Looking more 'Swan Lake Off' than Bake Off.

We’ve been spending quite a lot of time at my parents’ house of late. It’s a no brainer as ours is too small, theirs is massive and the kids have energy to burn. Amelie has taken a shine to their kitchen appliances this week. I haven’t yet managed to get the classic ‘baby disappearing into washing machine’ shot yet, but got this. She loves their range oven and gravitates towards it.

At first I thought she was showing an early interest in The Great British Bake Off, but it also struck me that her movements while holding on to the bar were rather balletic. From Bake Off to Swan Lake Off, if you will.

Then, I noticed that the bars are reminiscent of the ones that various characters in LEGO Dimensions can jump up. She’s seen her brothers playing it enough this summer, so she may fancy herself as Wyldstyle. Maybe we have an acrobatic master builder on our hands!

What do you think? Is is Bake Off, Lake Off or Take Off?!


  1. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Ha ha, gorgeous! I’m guessing take-off, she looks the adventurous sort x

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