Month: September 2016

Carpetright Carpet Creations

A sleeping baby dressed up as a Jedi on a Star Wars carpet.

Come on, admit it. You’ve put your baby in amusing poses and photographed them while they’re asleep! We all have. It’s a rite of passage for any self-respecting parent. The people at Carpetright obviously know this as they’ve launched a Carpet Creations competition. They’re challenging parents to unleash their creative sides while their little ones …

The wait is over

A school boy giving a thumbs up on his first day.

It has been a long summer for Xander. He’s been looking forward to starting school for months but, thanks to the transition process, has had to be patient. Finally, though, the wait is over. He had his first day – well, half day – on Friday and seemed to enjoy it. The last couple of weeks …

Seven handy Netflix hacks

A tablet with Netflix loaded and a Netflix mug.

We’ve watched loads of Netflix over the summer and have been busy populating our watch list for autumn. I continue to enjoy discovering new things on it and that leads me nicely to the point of this post. These handy Netflix hacks should delight your inner geek and help you get more from the service. Here …