Sealy Deeper Sleeper challenge four: new duvet

The corner of a new duvet.

I was confident that my latest Deeper Sleeper challenge would be a success the moment it arrived. This time, Sealy sent me a brand new duvet. The challenge had the same format as the first. We had to use our old duvet for two weeks, followed by the new one for two weeks.

The Sealy Select Balance Duvet is filled with luxury fibres and has been designed with comfort and relaxation firmly in mind. It is both machine washable and hypo-allergenic and also comes with a five-year guarantee.

That all sounded good – and it looked great too – but first we had to endure our old duvet for another fortnight. Here’s how the two rivals fared…

Old duvet

We only had one duvet before the Sealy one arrived and it was 13.5 tog so this already gave the new pretender an advantage. Particularly as we entered the hottest time of the year. Ordinarily, we would have been using an empty duvet cover at this time of year, but a challenge is a challenge!

As expected, we both felt too warm and enclosed and struggled to get to sleep. We often woke to find that we’d kicked it off, so it was clearly not right for the season.

New duvet

The Sealy Select duvet is 10.5 tog. Despite this advantage, I still thought we would be too warm. As I mentioned above, an empty cover normally suffices in summer. I was pleasantly surprised, however. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable – this part wasn’t a surprise; it looked like it wouldn’t disappoint.

I’m not sure this sounds very technical, but it is simultaneously plump and airy. Quality materials have clearly gone into making it.

The new duvet delivered on its promise of providing balance too. Neither of us felt too warm or uncomfortable and it stayed put which is a clear indication that we both slept well.

It does make it harder getting out of bed in the morning though!

A close-up of a new duvet.

The verdict

This is definitely the best duvet we’ve ever owned and are both really pleased with it. I’ve even been known to decide not to stay up and play video games in favour of getting underneath it – and that has to be a good recommendation!

The Sealy Select Balance Duvet has an RRP of £56.99.

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