Review: Greggs new kids range

Two boys laughing while enjoying their Greggs sandwiches.

Keeping things simple is often the best way forward, particularly with things like getting kids to eat! We’ve all lovingly made packed lunches for our little ones only to find half of them uneaten later on. There’s gratitude! The people at Greggs have the right idea with their new range which, from what I can tell, are straightforward but tasty and nutritious.

Greggs‘ range includes a cheese roll, ham roll, apple and blackcurrant juice drink and orange juice drink. The rolls have under 300 calories and use a milk roll recipe for extra calcium. The drinks, meanwhile, have added vitamins and are free from added sugar, artificial colours and flavours.

Everything in the range is a pocket-friendly 95p. What’s more, 5p from the sale of every item goes to support Greggs’ UK breakfast clubs which feed 21,000 school children each day – and that can’t be bad.

To promote the new range, Greggs recruited some junior taste testers. The children tried sandwiches and drinks from other high street retailers as well as the new ones from Greggs. You can see the results below…

Dylan and Xander recently put the range to the test by having a picnic in the garden. As luck would have it, Dylan wanted a ham roll and an apple and blackcurrant drink, while Xander chose a cheese roll and orange juice. A good start as I had bought one of each item and was anticipating sibling rivalry getting in the way!

The drinks had been well and truly chugged before I had a chance to ask what the boys thought of them. A clear sign that they enjoyed them. Similarly, the sandwiches went down well too. The only evidence that they had existed was in the form of crumbs on the picnic blanket. Another success!

Asked for their verdicts, the words ‘tasty’, ‘delicious’ and even ‘epic’ were bandied around so it’s safe to say that Dylan and Xander liked their lunch! The new range passed the fussy eater test with flying colours. It’s ideal for picnics, while out and about shopping and if you’ve run out of bread for packed lunches next week. Well, we’ve all been there!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    I’ve just tested out this range too. As it happens, Izzy chugged her drink back in seconds also! I like the range’s simplicity. There’s nothing kid-unfriendly in the sandwiches so I know they’ll eat them.

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