Review: Amazon Fire Kids Edition

An Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

A common request from Dylan and Xander this summer has been whether they can play on one of our tablets. I’m happy for them to do so in moderation, but the obvious concerns that most parents have are still there. As well as worrying about the nature of content, I fret about in-app purchases and also about damage. Step in the Fire Kids Edition, which Amazon sent us to review and keep.

This nifty tablet has provided a solution to these concerns, so I can now let them get on with it, safe in the knowledge that it’s incredibly kid-friendly. It comes bundled with one year of Fire for Kids Unlimited which offers thousands of apps, games, videos and books.

The parental controls screen of an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

There are no annoying adverts or in-app purchases and all of the content is age appropriate. Speaking of the content, there are numerous apps and games featuring characters the boys love. There’s a good mix of entertainment and education too. Before writing this post, I had a sneaky look at their profiles and was heartened to see that they’d been enjoying things that expand their minds as well as their gaming skills.

It also has intuitive parental controls. You can limit their overall screen time and set bedtimes, set allowances for different content types and even set educational goals. So, for example, you can set the tablet to block anything classified as entertainment until they’ve learned something via books. I really like this feature; it’s good for them and the tablet is the bad guy rather than me!

A young boy holding up an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

Despite being scarily good with technology, Xander has something of a track record for breaking things but this hasn’t been a problem either. The tablet comes with a shock proof case that claims to make it virtually indestructible.

So far, this hasn’t been tested but I’m confident it will do the job when it is inevitably called upon. Amazon is clearly confident too as it offers a two-year guarantee – if anything happens to the tablet in that time, it will replace it for free with no questions asked. Very impressive.

Two young boys playing with an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

The boys are both very happy with it and we are too. They get to use it without us peering over their shoulders every five minutes and both have their own profiles on it, so it’s good for nurturing independence as well as being educational. Meanwhile, our tablets are free of kids’ apps and grubby fingerprints – everyone’s a winner!

The Fire Kids Edition tablet has an RRP of £99.99.

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