Calypso Holiday Hacks – Roald Dahl theme week

Two boys shaking jars of different coloured liquids.

Our fifth and final Calypso Holiday Hacks activity falls into the life hacks category. We decided to have a theme for the week, namely Roald Dahl books. Dylan and Xander have both been taking part in The Big Friendly Read and it’s fair to say it has captured their imaginations!

Obviously, the books themselves have played a big part. Dylan, of course, has been able to read for a while and he normally does so at bedtime. So reading to both boys has become a rare treat. I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories I loved as a child and doing different accents for the various characters. Even though Dylan criticised me for using ‘the same voice’ for Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teavee!

Perhaps the accents were somewhat influenced by the fact we recently watched the more recent adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There were laughs aplenty as the unpleasant children in the story get their comeuppance. Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt’s pipe and squirrel-related exits seemed to be the most popular!

Both Dylan and Xander love drawing and they’ve produced several masterpieces of iconic Roald Dahl characters this week. This one that Xander drew of the BFG is one of my favourites.

Dylan, meanwhile, took it upon himself to write a list of things that he and Xander could make. He planned no fewer than seven items including a sack of food for Fantastic Mr Fox, some new books for Matilda and a giant peach. We have yet to attempt all of them, but did make some dream jars inspired by the BFG.

We used empty baby food jars, different coloured shower gel, coffee granules and an under-ripe blackberry! I asked the boys what these dreams could possibly be about – you can find out their answers in the video below!

Once again, this Holiday Hacks activity has been a great success and has kept Dylan and Xander busy and their brains engaged.

There are plenty more Holiday Hacks on Calypso’s Facebook app. Why not try a few this week? Also, check out some of the activities my fellow Holiday Hacks bloggers Jen and Emma have been up to.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. John Adams

    Loving the idea of a Rhod Dhal theme week. My kids would love this, both of them are very into Dhal. Great hacks Tom. I’ve enjoyed this series.

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