Eight months old already!

A baby girl sat in front of a paddling pool.

Eight months old today!

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Once again, I’m a week or so late with my monthly update on Amelie’s progress. It just goes to show how quickly time passes – particularly in a baby’s first year. So anyway, Amelie is now eight months old and continuing to notch up firsts. Some of them fall into the important landmarks category, while others are just silly but somehow still carry some meaning to us.

We’ve got a sitter!

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She can now sit up on her own and seems to have good balance. This is just as well as she puts her poise to the test by vigorously applauding herself every time. She waves like a football fan upon discovering a camera in their face too but, thankfully, doesn’t hit the deck nearly as often as their overpaid heroes do.

We have a crawler… and she’s not afraid of grass like her brothers were!

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And that’s not all – she seems to have finally cracked crawling. At first, she got the arms right, but not the legs. The result was a combination of a bunny hop or that dance move known as ‘the worm’. Only eight months old and already a much more accomplished dancer than her father. She now crawls around like a boss and has already shown more than a little interest in the next stage. Climbing. Sigh.

From speedy developments to frustratingly slow ones now. The pesky teeth that I mentioned last month are still to properly materialise, but they can’t be far away now. They have remained in the same position – just pushing the surface of her gums but not breaking through quite yet. She has been dribbling more than the aforementioned footballers though, so fingers crossed.

Look what we bought at the supermarket!

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Amelie has also had her first ride in a supermarket trolley. She didn’t seem too fussed – how ungrateful! We get our groceries delivered, so she should know a rare treat when she gets one. Oh well.

She has also had her first experience of being in a paddling pool. Again, she wasn’t particularly impressed – the picture at the top of this post was taken afterwards – which is surprising as she continues to love splashing everyone at bath time.

It would appear that she has a contrary streak. So that’s good…


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