How to avoid a home moving fail with DFS

An abandoned sofa. Clear evidence of a home moving fail!

Moving home is very much on our minds at the moment. There are five of us – plus the cat – living in a two-bedroom house. The master bedroom is also the nursery and my office. There’s outgrowing a place and there’s outstaying your welcome! We’ll hopefully be moving before long but, with any luck, won’t experience the same home moving fail as last time.

For long, boring reasons we moved into our current home in two stages. We left our flat and moved into my parents’ place for a fortnight before moving into our house. The first leg was a nightmare due to me massively underestimating how many van loads of stuff we had. I’m going to cover the second leg here though.

On our moving day, we had the first load in a hired van and were sat nervously waiting for the call. By the time it came, it was mid afternoon. The lady we were buying from had broken the toilet seat and had gone out to buy a new one. Kate – who was eight months pregnant with Dylan – went to collect the keys and I set off with my dad with the first load of furniture.

The first few items went in with minimal fuss. Then we came to the sofas. Perhaps naively I had assumed that, as we got them in and out of our flat easily, there would be no problem in a larger property. I hadn’t taken our narrow new hallway into consideration. The first sofa went through the front door and along the corridor but not through the living room door. We tried all kinds of angles, but it just wouldn’t go.

We would have to go through the French doors at the back instead. This wouldn’t be a problem as they’re nice and wide and the room they’re in opens out to the living room. We took the sofa to the alleyway at the back of the house. Of course it was also too narrow! The Victorians who built our new home clearly had it in for me. Again, we had to try all kinds of angles without success. The only way was to carry it above our heads so as not to hit fences.

Had they been looking out of their windows at the time, our neighbours would have witnessed a sofa apparently levitating and moving from side to side – we weren’t sure which one our new house was from the back! We got it inside in the end, but wasted so much time and were still shifting the remaining furniture as the light faded. If only we had thought to use something like the DFS Room Planner!

The DFS Room Planner app.

As part of its Home Moving Fails campaign, DFS asked me to try its aforementioned new app. It was fast and easy to install, intuitive to use – I didn’t need to read the instructions – and I soon had an accurate representation of our living room and dining room.

As well as showing a flatteringly tidy version of our home, it made it clear what we should have done. Our sofas would never have got beyond our hallway. And now we have a 3D model to prove it!

This just goes to show that a little forward planning can save a home moving fail and our move would have been so much faster had I used the DFS Room Planner. I’ll definitely be consulting it when we move again – lest our sofas end up like the one at the top of this post!

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by DFS. Visit their website to find out more about their great range of DFS Sofas.


  1. Caroline Hooper

    What a good idea, we have had a similar experience with our sofa when it took a lot of negotiating! Good to hear there is a simple solution so you can plan a better move 🙂

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