Calypso Holiday Hacks – scavenger hunt

Two young boys holding up wooden spoons they found as part of a scavenger hunt.

The latest Calypso Holiday Hacks activity we tried is ideal for a rainy day. An indoor scavenger hunt! The only thing that it costs is a little time to organise and, of course, it can also be enjoyed in the garden on sunny days.

Dylan is very good at reading, while Xander has a keen eye for detail so I thought it would work well as a team activity. As well as encouraging them to work together, I thought it would eliminate the quarrels that accompany competitive games. All parents know how easily sibling rivalry can simmer over on such days after all!

As it happened, we chose a dry day but, as we were at my parents’ massive house, we stayed indoors. This also added to the challenge though, as the boys were slightly less familiar with their surroundings.

Instead of simply giving them a list of things to find, I decided to write them some riddles. I thought it would take them more time to complete and get them thinking as well. You can see how they did in the video below.

In the interests of keeping the video a sensible length, I only wrote five riddles. Of course, you can do as many as you like and I think it’s unlikely that kids will get bored. I loved watching the boys’ faces the moment the penny dropped and they realised what they were looking for. They burned off plenty of energy running around the house to get the items too, so it was great for both mind and body.

Dylan and Xander both seemed to really enjoy their scavenger hunt. I’m not sure whether their favourite part was the thrill of solving riddles, finding things or being silly in front of the camera though!

There are plenty more Holiday Hacks for any kind of weather on Calypso’s Facebook app. Why not try a few this week? Also, check out some of the activities my fellow Holiday Hacks bloggers Jen and Emma have been up to.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.


  1. Jen Walshaw

    Scavenger hunts are ace. I do them a lot for the boys. When they were younger I used to draw pictures of things they had to find (or use clipart). Thanks for linking to our activity.

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