A tiny dose of love from Comfort

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All parents know how sensitive babies’ skin is and, as a result, the importance of protecting it. The experts at Comfort have been making fabric conditioners since 1969, so they know a thing or two about it too! They have recently introduced new Comfort Pure Ultra-Concentrated.

As the name suggests, Comfort has further improved its market-leading product. The improved formula still leaves laundry soft and has the same fragrance, but does this from a smaller amount. A tiny dose of love, as the message on the bottle states.

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According to the experts, it is ideal for those with delicate skin. Indeed, Comfort’s skincare research is recognised by the British Skin Foundation. Everyone in my family has sensitive skin, so this is good news for us! It also lasts for an impressive 38 or 64 washes despite coming in a relatively small bottle.

A hamper of white robes and a bottle of Confort.

To celebrate the launch, Comfort sent us a hamper of goodies to spread the love. Inside were bathrobes for me and the children, a personalised keepsake and, of course, a bottle of Comfort Pure Ultra-Concentrated.

It was fun doing the photos of us all in our soft new bathrobes. It had been a while since we’d all sat down together, so that was nice. There was a lot of laughter as the boys donned theirs. I needed a new one too, so it was excellent timing! I thought we looked like we were all on a spa weekend, although the boys insisted that they – and Amelie – were Jedi. As long as they give me hugs rather than using the force on me though, I don’t mind.

A small boy with his baby sister.

The cushion that had been embroidered with one of Xander’s drawings was a nice touch too. It’s of Amelie holding a gigantic flower. The two of them have a lovely bond and she’s always the first person he goes to see every morning. And to think that we worried he would be sad about not being the baby anymore!

Two brothers wearing white robes.

There’s plenty of brotherly love between Dylan and Xander too. For all their bickering over petty things as all siblings do, they have some lovely conversations when they think we’re not listening. They’ve also taken to walking with their arms around each other. Long may this stage last!

We will definitely be using the bottle of Comfort to keep our robes nice and soft too. I’m looking forward to plenty of lounging around in them!

Comfort Pure Ultra-Concentrated has an RRP £3.30 for 38 washes and £4.89 for 64 and is available from all major supermarkets.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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