A Bake Off with House of Fraser

A selection of bakes and bakeware as part of a Bake Off challenge.

Tonight will see the return of the massively popular Great British Bake Off. Despite its success and obvious appeal, I hadn’t seen the show until the Sport Relief episodes earlier this year. I liked the format so am looking forward to seeing how the contestants fare. The people at House of Fraser are clearly excited about it too. They sent me a box load of items from their bakeware range and challenged me to put them to good use!

A fine selection of bakeware.

We didn’t have any really nice bakeware until this haul arrived and I wasn’t even aware of the existence of flour sifters, so I was strangely excited to try them out. The stainless steel items are all of excellent quality. They comprised a nest of mixing bowls, measuring cups, crimped cookie cutters and the aforementioned sifter.

The box also contained a nice, sturdy non-stick baking tray and a ‘Yellow Stripe’ apron, padded oven gloves and tea towels from the brand new Gray & Willow range.

A mixing bowl in use - perfect for a bake off!

While I’m not bad at baking, I wouldn’t count myself as good either, so I was a little apprehensive. Luckily, Kate is much better at cakes and biscuits than I am and was happy to help. We decided to make some oat and ginger biscuits and a chocolate sponge cake.

Of course, we washed everything before its first use and dried it with the tea towels. Then we started on the biscuits. We chose a fairly straightforward recipe which mixed together well in the largest bowl. The non-slip bottoms on the mixing bowls helped get the job done quickly. The cookie cutters made light work of the mix and the biscuits were on the baking tray before we knew it. In my humblest of opinions, they turned out nicely!

A tray of freshly baked biscuits.

Then it was time to make the cake. The flour sifter – my new favourite thing – was a revelation here! It was so much easier than using a sieve. It also made the flour visibly lighter. We measured out the flour with the measuring cups and called upon the remaining two mixing bowls for the cake and icing, so we used everything.

A flour sifter in use - perfect for a bake off!

The result was delicious. Kate did most of the work so I can say this with no ego! Sadly, it didn’t last long as everyone else shared my opinion and devoured it mercilessly. Oh well, we’ll have another bake off soon. I’m really pleased with the quality of our bakes and the new bakeware definitely played a big part.

Disclosure: House of Fraser provided the items featured in this post for me to use and keep.

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