Seven months old already!

A happy seven-month-old girl.

Amelie is now seven months old and has started showing off plenty of personality as well as ticking off some firsts. She’s a funny little thing who thinks that everything is hilarious and loves making her presence felt. I get some special treatment on this front; she enjoys showing her affection for me by whacking me in the face.

After working out how to roll over last month, she’s branched out to covering quite a distance. It’s been a while since we had a mobile tripping hazard and it’s great to see her exploring the house. Of course, it’s terrifying in equal measure and we’re having to unlearn the nonchalance that accompanies having older children. She’ll soon be crawling and climbing, so a baby proofing binge is well and truly on the to do list.

I’m somewhat annoyed that my office junior has grander facial hair than me.

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Then there are the attempts at language. On her seven-month ‘birthday’, she babbled both ‘dada’ and ‘mama’. Of course, we know that she wasn’t addressing either of us, but it was still nice to hear – and that she found it within her to say both on the same day. Very diplomatic! Since then, she has tried out several different sounds. It can be difficult keeping her quiet to be honest. Don’t know where she gets her verbose side from…

She’s also developing a good understanding of routine. The most noticeable example is at bath time. She still loves the water and knows what’s coming as soon as we start to get her ready. She instantly starts laughing like an evil genius and flailing her limbs about to remind me that I’m about to get a soaking.

I hate bath time. That is all.

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Amelie has definitely turned a corner with regards food too. Last month, she wasn’t too sure, but there has been quite a transformation. She eats pretty much everything we give her now and gets impatient if we take too long between spoonfuls. Dinner time is essentially a tug of war with a weaning spoon now. Mercifully though, it’s a lot less messy than bath time!

After what seems like several weeks of dribbling and even more saturated bibs, her first few teeth are finally coming through. It looks like there’ll be three or four at once so, hopefully, they’ll stop giving her grief soon. I say this both for her sake and that of our sleep. She remains a good sleeper, but there have been a few rude awakenings of late.

And the odd impression of monsters at nap time…

Amelie unwittingly does an impression of a monster from Pan’s Labyrinth.

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