Sealy Deeper Sleeper challenge three: no technology

A colouring book, some pencils and a book voucher.

For this month’s Deeper Sleeper challenge, Sealy asked me to try offline activities rather than using my phone before bed to see if its absence improved my sleep. They sent me a colouring book for adults, a pack of colouring pencils and a £20 book voucher.

It was going to be a tough challenge for me as I have a legitimate excuse for using my phone regularly – this blog is my family’s entire livelihood, so I have to be visible online as much as possible! Still, a challenge is a challenge. I made sure there was no technology and gave the activities a try…

A close-up of a colouring book.


Colouring books for adults seem to have become a big thing over the last year and it’s easy to see why. Colouring can be therapeutic and distract the mind from worries that stop people getting to sleep. That’s the theory, at least.

Unfortunately, however, I didn’t get on very well with it. This is no slight on the book – it’s packed with beautiful illustrations that are nice to look at. My problem is that I’m quite obsessive and there are lots of intricate sections on most of the pictures. While I’m pleased to report that I didn’t go over any of the lines – and I’m only 36! – I quickly became irritated. I don’t like leaving things unfinished and, because I was tired, it bothered me.

As a result, it probably achieved the opposite to its intended effect – I was thinking so much about getting it done that it kept me awake. I think it would be something I’d enjoy much more during the day while I’m not so sleepy though.

A man reading a book in bed.


Studying English Literature at both A level and university has pretty much ruined my enjoyment of reading and I haven’t read many books since graduating 14 years ago. Bad, I know. That’s not to say I don’t read at all; I complete the odd book here and there, but most of my reading is done online. I decided to put my voucher towards something a little out of left field. The Walking Dead Compendium One!

Bored of people who’d read the graphic novel spoiling the TV show for me, I decided to join them. While a zombie apocalypse may be the last thing some people would want in their heads as they go to sleep, I really enjoyed reading it!

More importantly for this experiment, though, it did help me get to a point where I knew I’d get to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Looking down at the book instead of my phone made my eyes tired and, even though I was thinking about how the plot compared to the series, it didn’t stop me nodding off.


So there you go, another challenge in the bag. No technology and, therefore, no distractions in the room certainly helped.

In terms of the best alternative, it would appear that zombies are more relaxing than art. This definitely says more about me than the mediums on trial!

How do you think you would fare with no technology in the room?


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      Thanks Cathy. I have to admit that it was tough not being able to use my phone for this challenge!

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