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A selection of bottled beers.

If there’s one annual event I really miss now I’m a parent, it’s the local beer festival. I love trying different new brews and it was my best opportunity to enjoy things I’d never heard of. I was interested, then, to hear about Beer52. A craft beer club that sends subscribers a selection of beers every month. Yes, this is one of those ‘it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it’ posts!

Beer52 came into being after founder James Brown discovered a passion for craft beer on an epic motorcycle journey from Edinburgh to Faro. He sampled several beers along the way and this led him to realise that there are 12,000 microbreweries around the world. On his return, he assembled a team of craft beer experts. The rest, as they say, is history.

A selection of bottled beers from Beer52.

Each month, customers receive eight beers as well as a copy of Beer52’s own in-house magazine, Ferment.

The team sent me a selection including offerings from Denmark, Chile, Belgium, Sweden and Ireland. Among them were a pilsener, a lager, an oatmeal stout and a Belgian Ale. There were also two IPAs and two wit beers. This ensured a variety of flavours, from light to complex.

I really enjoyed all of them and it’s difficult to pick a favourite. I would quite happily drink any of them again! ‘Unknown’ beers that I’ve bought in the past have often left me disappointed, but none of these did. This has to be down to the fact that experts have chosen them. Bottom line: they know what they’re doing!

The inside of Beer52's magazine, Ferment.

The magazine made a great addition too. The subject matter is obviously of interest to me, while it is beautifully designed and illustrated. As well as several interesting features it has a handy tasting notes section dedicated to the monthly beers. These include information about the brewers, details on what to expect and an at-a-glance flavour wheel diagram.

If you like what you see, I have an exclusive discount code to share. Quote DOTD10 when prompted to get £10 off your first order. Cheers!

Disclosure: Beer52 will compensate me for any referrals using my code.


  1. Ryan

    I had subscribed to Beer52 for about a year before Rachel was born. Always received a good selection of great tasting beers, but as a fellow freelancer on a budget, it was hard to justify the monthly cost.

    I would defiantly go back to them in the future, but for now it’s down to the local, well stocked off-license for the occasional craft beer.

    1. Post

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