Review: Kärcher K4 Full Control pressure washer

The Kärcher K4 Full Control pressure washer.

Ever since I became aware of pressure washers, I’ve wanted one. Keeping the garden looking presentable is a chore, so anything that makes it easier is a winner in my book. The Kärcher K4 was therefore a welcome addition.

I like to give review products a stern test so, instead of my small back yard, I opted to try it out on my parents’ patio and decking. Which, incidentally, is about the same size as my entire garden!

The K4 is quick and easy to assemble. It was just a matter of attaching a few external parts with screws and it was ready to go. It was then simply a matter of attaching a hose, plugging it in and getting started. It took just ten minutes from box to patio, which is great.

The new Full Control system has been designed to find the right setting for the surface that needs cleaning. There are three pressure levels as well as a detergent setting. In addition, the two spray lances can be adjusted to achieve the optimal power for the job in hand. The selected setting is indicated by an LED display on the handle.

I was also pleased to discover that it ticks the environmentally friendly box. Kärcher pressure washers are 35 times more powerful than a garden hose and use 80% less water. In addition, any models in the K4 – K7 power class can draw water from alternative sources like water butts.

The K4 made light work of the decking, blasting away years of dirt and leaving an unfamiliar ‘new’ look. I thought that the patio would be a tougher proposition as it is significantly older than the decking. Wrong! The surface was soon much more in line with how it looked when it was installed way back in 1993. A whopping 23 years’ worth of grime gone in a matter of minutes. It also removed all trace of weeds. Very impressive indeed.

Three things to be aware of when using a pressure washer are to wear wellies, old clothes and eye protection. The long handle on the K4 significantly reduces the chances of getting a soaking, but it can’t control the weather – particularly the wind!

As you can see from this before and after picture, the Kärcher K4 made a fast and obvious difference to both the decking and patio. This was only a cursory clean, so I’m confident that it can get them even cleaner. It can be used on several other surfaces too. Including barbecues, as this video shows.

The Kärcher K4 has an RRP of £219.99

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