Introducing Simples

The Simples home page.

Last week, I found myself trying out an innovative new app called Simples. As you may have already guessed from the name, it’s a product belonging to Compare the Market. Sadly, there were no Russian meerkats in attendance, but I still came away impressed by what I had seen.

Simples is a new secure portal that has been designed to simplify the sometimes confusing world of insurance. It does this by cutting through the legalese and presenting the information in an easy-to-digest format. All you need to use it is a login for Compare the Market. It’s free and you don’t have to have bought insurance through the site in order to use it.

The Simples login page.

Once logged in, you can add your insurance documents and there are three different ways of doing this. Simples can search your associated email account for policies, you can take a photo of one or upload a PDF. After a short while, your home, car or travel insurance policy will be added to the portal.

I immediately liked the at-a-glance summary that appeared once my home insurance had been added. It told me my renewal date – which is pretty soon, as it happens! – as well as several other key details. These included my policy number, the premium and a list of what I have cover for – and, just as importantly, what I don’t – in plain English.

For example, I discovered that I don’t have cover for storm damage to fences. Ours needed repairing a few months ago, but we fixed them ourselves. Just as well as it turns out. It also offers you the options of contacting your provider, downloading a PDF copy of your policy and getting a new quote. This is very useful to me in particular!

The Simples policy summary.

There’s more too. By adding your mobile number, you can use an SMS chat widget to ask Simples questions about your insurance. While it didn’t understand some of my questions – to be fair, I was deliberately difficult to give it a stern test – it provided pointers.

The service is still in beta, so there are things that need fine tuning. Compare the Market would be grateful, though, of more people trying it out now. All you need to do is visit Simples, sign in with your Compare the Market login and explore! Try adding home, car or travel insurance as well as using the SMS chat widget.

A screenshot of the Simples SMS widget.

Simples has so much potential and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. Imperfections are inevitable in a beta version but, looking beyond these, it promises to be a great ally in the battle to understand insurance!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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