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I’m just about getting my breath back from the weekend at BML16 so now it’s time to look back. Here are my thoughts on how the conference went, interspersed with the three completely random pictures I took…

Just added my #clangersforkindness wish at #BML16 Really hope it comes true!

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In previous years, the conference was a two-day event which, although long and tiring, had a nice vibe about it. This year’s one-day format made things feel a little rushed – particularly the bloggers’ keynote and awards, which I felt deserved more focus.


Maybe it was just me, but the atmosphere felt a little flat. I, for one, was feeling utterly shit about the lack of humanity displayed by the majority of the electorate in the EU referendum and I can’t have been alone in this. My mood lifted when I got there, of course, but there was a certain weariness about people. Obviously, though, this was no fault of the conference.

Guessing how many soothers there are in this jar. Erm… 73? #mambabyuk

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It felt that the conference was a little light on content, which wasn’t surprising as there was less time. I didn’t learn anything new but this may be because, in blogging terms, I’m an old git. Nevertheless, it was reassuring to hear that I’ve nailed the theory side of blogging – even though I need to improve the practise side!


The social side of things is always the main highlight for me and it didn’t disappoint. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones too. There are too many to name, but honourable mentions go to Darren, Sarah, Tim, Penny, Dave, Emma, Martyn, Ami, John, Tony, Cathy and John.  It was a pleasure spending time with all of them and being converted to the wonders of Nando’s!

Dad friendliness

It can be daunting being so outnumbered so I was on guard when the poem that opened the conference included two jibes at dads – one that insinuated we were babysitters and another suggesting that we don’t think as much as mums. The presence of an oiled-up bloke in his pants wasn’t exactly dad friendly either. Had the roles been reversed, there would have been uproar. These grumbles aside though, I felt that it was a lot more welcoming than previous years. Even though no dads won anything in the BiBs, it was great to see dad bloggers so well represented too – there were double figures, which is a big turnout!

And a word for my sponsor!

Despite the conference lacking the buzz of earlier ones, I still enjoyed it and am likely to go next year. I simply wouldn’t have been able to attend without my fantastic sponsor, WaveWall, so big thanks to them for their support. I highly recommend their anti-radiation phone cases, so please pay them a visit!


  1. Tim

    Was great to finally meet you, Tom. It’s interesting to read your reflections as one of the small number of dads to have been to multiple BMLs previously. Maybe next year we can get you oiled up …? 😉

    1. Post

      Great to meet you too, Tim. Afraid I might be suddenly and unexpectedly busy next year if that threat is serious!

  2. Cathy

    Thanks for the mention Tom, I enjoyed meeting up with you too. I smiled when I read your comment about Nandos. My family are big fans. When they re-do the Arndale Centre I believe that is one of the new shops to make it, so not too far away from you 😉

    1. Post

      No worries, Cathy. I wasn’t aware that we’re getting a Nando’s so that’s winner, winner chicken dinner! 😉

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