Review: Total Action Football

Total Action Football.

Since Dylan and Xander discovered football, I’ve been looking forward to much. As well as kickabouts and watching it, there are plenty of games to enjoy together. Being ‘Captain Clumsy’ and ‘Captain Carnage’ respectively, they’re not ready for my childhood favourite yet but here’s a great alternative. Total Action Football is a five-a-side game that’s quick and easy to get into.

Two Total Action Football players.

Designed to recreate football at its best, it’s a fast game that encourages skill and, in a way, teamwork. The best way of scoring goals is to pass the ball among the players rather than going for glory, which is a great lesson for youngsters. The fact that it nurtures an end-to-end game is also a big plus. Neither boy felt left out as both scored several goals.

The players glide across the pitch with ease and have magnets on their bases to help trap, pass and shoot. It’s easy to flick them around the pitch, while passing and shooting are also simple. You just need to tap a player’s head to release the ball.

A goal being scored in a game of Total Action Football.

One player in each team is a power striker. As the name suggests, they’re best used in attack if you want a shot with some welly behind it! Obviously, the goalkeepers differ somewhat too and this version of the game has introduced the ability to make diving saves.

With a small ball and fast-moving players, it’s also good that a perimeter fence comes as standard. I haven’t yet had to ask any spiders lurking under the sofa if we can have our ball back, so that’s a major result!

A father and son playing Total Action Football together.

Dylan and Xander have asked to play Total Action Football several times since we got it and I’m always happy to oblige. It gets them away from screens, encourages dexterity and, of course, is a great way of explaining the basics of the beautiful game.

It’s also nice and robust, which is great bearing in mind the boys’ new nicknames – just look at how hard Xander hit that shot! Still can’t believe he beat me at my near post…

Total Action Football has an RRP of £24.99 and is available from all good retailers.


  1. Bobby L Collins

    How big is the pitch in this set? I’m trying to play Subbuteo in the U.S.A., but our tables aren’t wide enough for a full size Subbuteo pitch, and this is the closest thing I can find to a possible substitute.

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